Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 45

prad3 45 hiro full


prad3 45 01

There’s a Jounouchi & Magical Mion add there. Then the sign near Mion says jingiskan. Checking the participants list for the Prism Queen Cup myself is way too much work so I’ll wait for jp blogs to post and see if there was anything noteworthy about it. Still, I got no idea what those Dragon Dining girls are. It’s the first time ever this name appears in Pretty Rhythm. I remember seeing @Here once, and Keri Inoue(ケリー井上) are the Saint Seiya/Savage girls, but Dragon Dining? Never heard of it.

prad3 45 00000

The second I saw Jin’s dad in his car I was like YES THE TIME HAS COME FOR JIN TO GET TOLD BY HIS DAD. Btw, there’s something I didn’t get before, how come Hiro still wore the Edel Rose uniform at his high school. The same high school Kouji attends, Kakkyouin Academy (you could see it in episode 6).That boys high school is one of the schools Kou/Jin’s dad created along with Edel Rose. That’s why they have the same uniforms.

prad3 45 02 beru shockprad3 45 001

The thing interesting about Bell there is the fact that she doesn’t want to go with Jin’s evil plan because she believes in the Edel Rose motto, and she always did. Imagine if this happened in episode 1 before she got out of her bitch mode, she would have still been upset about Jin’s meddling. She always wanted to have a fair fight with Amou Juné.

prad3 45 00prad3 45 000

I used to think Jin did have a little bit of affection toward Hiro, since his family pretty much brought him up. However, he really only thinks of him as a tool. Jin probably didn’t spend much time with him when he was still a kid. He called him “dirty just like his mom”. Seriously if I was Hiro I would’ve punched Jin right now. Well it wouldn’t have worked though. He had to endure it so he could still do the live.

prad3 45 beru jacket 01 prad3 45 beru jacket 02

Bell looks cool with that jacket. Oh and they’re on THAT BRIDGE again.

prad3 45 kita shop owner

So the music shop owner is called Kita san. And as expected him and Gen know each other. This is pretty funny, because shop owner actually already knew since the beginning that Ito is his friend’s daughter. He probably wouldn’t have sold the guitar to anyone even if she didn’t ask.

prad3 45 03 prad3 45 04

They didn’t forget about Valentine after all. Ito is lucky, she’s the only girl whose birthday has been mentioned in the show because it’s the same day.

prad3 44 jikai 01jpg

So that house was Juné’s.

prad3 45 05

Juné is so cute. Hijiri really pisses me off for not seeing it. At this rate I’m starting to really doubt whether the scene I imagined for a while now, with Juné disappearing and him screaming her name will happen. If he doesn’t even like her in the first place…

prad3 45 06 prad3 45 07 prad3 45 08

Not sure if I remembered to mention it some eps ago that Hijiri changed his suit again. He went from the white beige one to black.

prad3 45 09 prad3 45 10 juné wa shock

prad3 45 juné wa shock gif

Poor Juné got her heart broken. This sucks so much for her. And yet another face to add to the Pretty Rhythm shocked faces collection. Still even I was surprised. The way Hijiri said they only used to have a coach student relationship and how he doesn’t have special feelings for her means he never even thought about it. Seriously screw him. I’m really angry about him.

prad3 45 19

She managed to keep smiling to the camera and lie saying she doesn’t feel anything towards Hijiri. As expected of someone this talented, she managed to act even in this situation.

prad3 45 jin pc

That scene with Jin being happy his dad became PSA president was kinda funny. Did Jin really think his dad would agree with his dirty plans and make someone from their school win, seriously man. Also only a evil guy like him would still use IE. (Though Kouji uses it too in episode 41 but I didn’t point it out)

prad3 45 12 prad3 45 12.5

I forgot Jin had such a huge superiority complex. He didn’t display it since the time he told Hiro that Kouji is a commoner.

prad3 45 13prad3 45 15 prad3 45 14

Jin’s reaction to Hiro’s confession was so funny. Hiro finally rebelled against Jin. He also said the real reason he went with Jin’s plan to take the credit for Kouji’s song. He wanted to debut that much for money.
Director was tweeting about how these past days in Japan there’s been a uproar about Samuragochi Mamoru admitting he hired a ghost writer, so it’s pretty funny how Hiro came out with it now. Such coincidences.

prad3 45 16prad3 45 17

And there’s also the fact that Hiro is indebted to Edel Rose too for picking him up from the gutter. He owns so much to Edel Rose like paying his mom’s debts etc.

prad3 45 hiro mom 01 prad3 45 hiro mom 02 prad3 45 hiro mom 03 prad3 45 hiro mom 04

I didn’t think Hiro’s mom would come back. She wasn’t even named so I really REALLY didn’t think she would appear again. Seems like I underestimated Pretty Rhythm. Also, using your celebrity status to tell your mom to come back reminds me of a certain part in Kodomo No Omocha. I wonder why she left in the first place though, they didn’t explain that. I guess when Hiro went with Edel Rose, he started living there, so she didn’t see any need to stay at the apartment and left. It’s incredible how she reformed too. From how her personality seems in episode 31(a bitch hanging around with guys instead of taking care of her son) you wouldn’t think she’d end up working at a nursing home at all places. At least now I got a pic of her looking pretty cute for the parents seiyuu character chart I’ll never finish.
The nursing home she’s working at is called “Symhponia”, reference to DMF.

prad3 45 fish chips fake otoha girl


prad3 45 hiro girls

That girl in the blue dress not holding a rose in the middle is super cute. Must be because she has that nice onee chan who can also get really cruel smile. Latest example I can think of is Grenda chan in Robot Girls Z.

prad3 45 rainbow audience fullprad3 45 34

So that’s why you needed to get yellow roses ready for this episode and practice shouting with them. I really hope those were glowsticks they brought out later though. Because you don’t see them holding any in the audience shots. I hope those aren’t radioactive roses from Fukushima.

prad3 45 21 prad3 45 22


prad3 45 hiro kouji 01 prad3 45 hiro kouji 02 prad3 45 hiro kouji 03 prad3 45 hiro kouji 04

In the end, you could say he only told his fans that he really like that Kouji guy who used to be his best friend and that his songs are his favorites. No wonder they’re so okay with it. Fujoshis. Seriously you can make tons of homo jokes with this scene. Btw he didn’t sing the same part of the song as in episode 18. He sang the second part.

prad3 45 23

MFW HE DID HIJIRI’S JUMPS! Lightning Splash, Shining Spiral and Starlight Express are the jumps Hijiri did in episode 32. They remade them in CG, (though they didn’t show Starlight Express in episode 32) Nice thing they aren’t lazy and made new jumps and didn’t make him do Zettai Idol AI.N.G since it wouldn’t have made sense after what just happened.
It’s pretty funny how Kazuki is admiring Rei and now we know Hiro is admiring Hijiri. Come to think of it that’s probably why Hiro acts so gay, he’s inspiring himself from Hijiri when he was younger. They both use the same totally not gay style  of dressing that’s the most popular with the girls.

prad3 45 hiro jump 3 gif

prad3 45 22.3

“That guy finally became the hero he wanted to”. That was such a nice scene.

  prad3 45 hiro train

MFW SUDDENLY FLYING TRAIN FROM SPACE. GALAXY EXPRESS 999 HIRO VERSION. Only in Pretty Rhythm you’ll ever see someone summoning a train FROM SPACE, making girls ride it then turn into a constellation. I hope they don’t get problems with the PTA or anything with him saying  “I won’t let you go back till morning.” This show is way too kinky and gay for little girls. Would get censored so much if it wasn’t airing in Japan.
I wonder what Hiro means when he said he wants to leave Edel Rose to Kouji and Kazuki. I guess with all the developments in this episode, the environment in Edel Rose will change, but I’m not getting what their part will be.

prad3 45 24prad3 45 25prad3 45 26prad3 45 27

MFW COO PUNCH. Also, too bad we’ll never see him beating up those two guys six years ago.

prad3 45 30

Hijiri should have let him punch Jin one more time.

prad3 45 jin crazy


prad3 45 31 prad3 45 32

YEEEEEEEEEEEES JIN FINALLY GOT TOLD BY HIS DAD. I WAS WAITING FOR THIS FOR SO LONG. With this, it’s finally the end of seaweed hair. The whole Hijiri/Jin/Rei thing is resolved now. They’ll probably show him again in the ending hard working as a salary man or something, to show us he reformed. Also, if Hijiri got on the scene, he probably heard the part about Jin being the one responsible for his leg injury. I always thought he kinda knew but didn’t do anything about it though, he’s not the kind of guy to take revenge.After all he told Rei not to resort to violence as it doesn’t bring anything, so yeah.
Since Kou finally came back, it’d be nice if we see a scene with him chatting with Hijiri before the show ends. Jin did say he used to like him a lot and it’s one of the reasons he got so jelly.

prad3 45 33

Poor Juné. Is she gonna tell Rinne she was right about her not being loved and go back to the Prism World quietly? Or will she go full crazy and want to destroy Prism Shows forever?? If it’s the latter at least she didn’t snap immediately and just went home crying. I feel so sorry for her.
That was such an awesome episode, as expceted of the last cour. I knew Jin’s dad would come back one day and told him hard but I didn’t think we’d even get to see Rei punch Jin, making him fly one meter. That was so satisfying. They even showed Hiro’s mom too. Hiro’s development is pretty much finished now. The only thing he still hasn’t done yet is confess to Bell. I guess he’ll do it when it’s her turn to participate in the Over The Rainbow Session. Or maybe if the trio boys unit still happens? I want to see Kouji’s prism show but there’s less and less chances of it happening…

prad3 45 jikai 01


Otoha is getting really stressed about being first at the Prism Queen cup. I think the old woman in a kimono is her grandmother and all her family will come to cheer for her. Next episode should be pretty funny.
I think Ito’s turn will happen in episode 46 too right after Otoha’s. So her subplot will finally be resolved and Natsuko will accept their relationship. Ito will use the prism stone her mother gave her. I bet it’ll be a dress that Aira wore.
So yeah, next episode is already the Prism Queen Cup Over The Rainbow Session. I thought it would start at episode 47. Either it’ll last 5 episodes, or maybe we’ll get both episodes 50 and 51 as epilogues instead of just 51 like usual.
Come to think of it there’s still a few things left to do. Ito & Otoha’s developments are going to “end” next week. But there’s still Kazuki and Wakana Ann. I’m not even sure they’ll give a clear answer about that, maybe in the epilogue. And then there’s still Hiro and Bell. And then finally NaruRinneJunéHijiri and that mysterious plot device penguin Peacock Sensei mentioned in episode 44. Will Juné end up dying? Will she end up going back with Rinne? Is Rinne going to stay? There’s tons of scenarios possible and I gotta admit I can not see the ending.
I’m not worried at all and I believe they’ll manage to tie everything up properly.
Kinda sad that there’s only 6 episodes left. I’m not as sad as when Dear My Future was about to end though. Not only I don’t have to say goodbye to characters I’ve grown fond of for two years straight, but I’ll actually get to see ALL OF THEM again next season.

There’s a new PV for the movie (with nothing new). The official site also got updated, the movie will have ten Prism Shows, hence why it’s called Best Ten. There will surely be more scenes in between or else it won’t even last an hour though. Also the official site says it’ll have a new character. They probably mean the heroine from s4 though.

  prad3 45 aracde game ad 03prad3 45 aracde game ad 01 prad3 45 aracde game ad 02 prad3 45 aracde game ad 04 prad3 45 aracde game ad 05

Pics from one of the ads aired during the CM break of the episode. It’s an ad for the All Star Selection version of the arcade game, which will be out in April when the 4th season starts. They’ll add Cosmo from the 2nd 3DS game in the arcade game too.

prad3 ito bday artist いおこ post


Like they said in the ep, 2/14 was Ito’s bday so there’s a few pics of her who got posted here and there. Almost all the ones who got posted on Twitter got retweeted by the staff.


Director’s tweets

He retweeted the announcement of the new Jewelpet season. Start’s April 5th.

prad3 zutto issho te yokusaku shita na ni naru 42

That’s the scene from ep 42 iirc where Naru said about Rinne “Even though we promised we’ll always be together…” Someone tweeted him this pic saying, “This is what the henchmen of the director boss taking his leave after three seasons are thinking”. He answered “CHO MATTE YO… (~_~;)”

Director:”Btw, saying this just in case everyone thinks Rinne and Juné were having an afternoon nap at the beginning of their duo show. Think of synchronized swimming.”

prad3 ito bday from aka3taku twitter

Source (The background of that person’s account is pretty funny)

prad3 ito bday from twitter nnkmcn


prad3 tower records twitterotoha prad3 tower records twitter

Pics are from the Tower Records shop in Machida.  The last one was drawn and signed by Odeco/Matsuura Mai(chara design). Not sure about the details for the first one.

Director said he’ll start playing Mohan once Rainbow Live is done. He never tried it before though. Fujita Yoichi told him he didn’t work on any movie since last year and he finally started playing it too. I guess these days when you stop directing anime the only thing left to do is play Monster Hunter…

prad3 roses twitter 46sunadayo

He retweeted the roses someone bought.

prad3 31 brazilian clothes drying

Director: “I just saw three old guys and it made me remember something. We decided on this setting from the start: living in the apartment under Hiro’s is a Brazilian family of six. You probably all noticed judging by the clothes drying outside. Sorry this doesn’t really have anything to do with the upcoming episode.”
“Also, Hiro’s waist swinging move is based on Brazilian samba” Probably his neighbors taught him.

prad movie penguin sensei plushie

Movie ad.

Retweeted from PRR_music: “in episode 45 we’ll get to see Hiro’s ヒロの○○○プ○○ again” Director said maybe it’s ヒロのはだかプール?/Hiro naked in the pool. Or  ヒロのミルクプリン/Hiro no mirukupurin? Not sure what that one means. He said it must be something erotic so he kept saying guesses like that. Maybe ヒロのディープキス/Hiro’s deepkiss? Someone else suggested ヒロの全裸エプロン/Hiro’s hadaka apron

He said there was no Naru narration at the beginning of episodes 44 and 45.  But it’ll be back normally starting episode 46 next week.

Last week, Director said that Hiro told Kazuki that he “can leave without worrying about closing the door, but he shouldn’t forget to turn off the lights.” Hiro actually never locks his apartment’s door. It’s in case his mother comes back.

prad3 tower records hiro

That one was made by the director, CG director and Kyougoku Takahiko (Love Live’s director. Since Aurora Dream he did some of the episodes storyboards and also part of the CG team)

prad3 ito bday from tower records twitter

prad3 duo collection cd limited cover

Cover of the limited edition of the Duo Collection single. Gets out the 19th.

There’s going to be an event at Takara Tommy’s Plarail Shop of tokyo. Didn’t know about these. Director said they should include Pretty Rhythm in the line up.

prad3 hiro train homemade momo twitter

Someone in the staff actually made a handmade one, using an existing Plarail model.

shima_haruka twitter prad3 hiro's paradise

Not sure what this is, but riding on Hiro’s train sure is expensive.

Lastly, Murakami Momoko tweeted that she’s writing the script for next week, episode 46. She said it’s the last time she’s doing it, and she’s the first person from the staff to graduate from Pretty Rhythm. This means she won’t write for the fourth season.
She’s been writing scripts since AD. In RL, she did episodes 6,11,16,23,28,33,36,40 and lastly 46. I’m not really fond of comparing staff and stuff between each episode of a show. I don’t really see a pattern in the eps she did too. She mostly did some Ito and Wakana episodes, but not all of them. She also did some general ones too. Maybe I’ll do a post about it when the show ends. Probably something like checking who exactly worked on my favorite episodes in all three seasons. This is gonna take time though, and while I can see the point of it, I don’t think it is very useful knowledge so I’m not really sure I’ll do it. I mean, I really enjoy the show and that’s it. There’s some days when I don’t really want to think about anything else and don’t really care about the rest.


What she drew this week:

prad3 odeco after ep 45 02 prad3 odeco after ep 45 01

prad3 ito bday valentine odeco


creamy mami valentine takeda akemi

Odeco is a fan of Takada Akemi aka one of the best chara designers ever.

CG Director

He said they received chocolates for Kazuki and Hiro over at Tatsunoko. Seems Kouji didn’t receive any though… As expected of fujoshis. Not gonna send chocolates if he has a girlfriend.

CG Director:”Please don’t miss episode 45. I’m sure it’ll make you happy.” (This is one episode late as every week I also check tweets from the past weeks I may have missed, plus those after the episode aired )

prad3 ito bday doll from twitter kaoling_corori


Kinda creepy.

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