Nanana’s buried treasure

nanana ed

I really liked this show. It was really good for a one cour show. It wasn’t perfect like Level E, but it still in the upper bracket of one cour shows. Seeing Sugita bro voice a villain for once was nice too.
It made me mad again about one cour series though. The rest of the story seems so interesting, and yet’ll we’ll never get to see it animated. The “go read the novel” spoiler ending made me particularly mad.

prad 25 pajama party aira mion rizumu animalsnanana tensai asumi kana maybe prad cat pajama reference

Tensai is voiced by Asumi Kana, which is also Aira in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. A cool japanese Pretty Rhythm fan on twitter noticed how Tensai in episode 8 wore a similar, but different cat pajama as Aira in episode 25 of AD. I don’t know if they did it on purpose or not. The suits aren’t the same so probably not.
Also tfw when there’s now seiyuus younger than me. Nanana’s seiyuu is 17. She was also Cecil in Wizard Barristers, which I liked and had a good story. The penultimate episode with literally no animation was unacceptable though.

nanana pso2 lvl 65 sh

There was also a lot of footage of Nanana playing PSO2. In one episode, you can see her fighting Dark Falz Luther, which they had just added in the game back then. It was funny seeing her say “this boss is hard”, as most players were having a real hard time with him. It shows the staff were really playing the game and not putting random footage.

pso2 エアリーサマードレス kinda look like nanana dressnanana dress

Maybe to thank them for the free publicity, later Sega added a dress in PSO2 that kinda looks like Nanana’s dress. I’m probably just thinking too much about it though.

2 thoughts on “Nanana’s buried treasure

  1. Bin

    Wow, this is one of the first times I read something positive about this show that I loved, I like to think of it as just a prologue to the real story as some people that read the LN were saying, but it wasn’t even a cour, just 10 episodes was too little time, still, it was pretty interesting, specially the world and what not.


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