Gundam G no Reconguista – 13

g reco 13

Man that episode was so awesome like always. Rivals teaming up is one of my favorite things ever. Was really looking forward to Mask x KURIMU NIKKU interactions and I was not disappointed. Anyway, in that scene, Mask’s saying “月の裏側“. Doesn’t that actually mean the reverse side of the moon instead of beyond it?  Meaning Towasanga is ON the moon? If I’m right, it’s the first time I spotted a big error like that in the subs, maybe there’s been others. Now that I think about it, maybe some people still find the show confusing because of some errors like that in the subs. (it’s completely normal for it to be confusing in the first three episodes or so)

g reco by prad director

Also, Pretty Rhythm director Hishida Masakazu did the storyboard/絵コンテ of this episode along with 斧谷 稔. Japanese wikipedia tells me this 斧谷 稔 is actually Tomino. So they drew the storyboard together. Not sure how they divided it between them. Pretty Rhythm director was also the 演出/episode director for 13.
I used to translated “演出” as “production”, probably because I read it somewhere one day. Noticed my mistake thanks to watching SHIROBAKO.

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