The Rumble Fish’s Garnet and Yozakura Quartet’s Juri

yzq volume 8 juri cover the rumble fish garnet

They’re both nurses and both fight bare handed. I was wondering if Suzupin got the idea for Juri because of Garnet, because YZQ started in 2006 and The Rumble Fish was released in 2004. But then, I think Suzupin used to draw Juri and other YZQ characters on his old illustration website even before 2000, before starting up the YZQ manga. So maybe the guys at Dimps saw Juri and inspired themselves from her design and not the other way around. Dimps rehash their Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya games all the time so they’re used to recopying stuff. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence.

eva mari yzq kotoha suzupin
As a similar note, unless Mari existed before the You Can (not) Milk More Money Eva movies, I’m pretty sure whoever designed her copied Kotoha. Back then Suzupin drew both together so he’s aware of it too. “Back then”. It’s been 6 years apparently since the second movie. Time goes so fast.

Speaking of Suzupin, I was pretty happy back when the new wave of Digimon games started and he was choosen as the chara deisgner. However now, I feel he gets too many jobs, and his characters are starting to look too similar. I don’t mean sameface, his characters always have the same expressions, and it’s not a bad thing. The girls he draws always have the smug smile, the guys always have the bored indifferent look. What I mean is accessory/fashion/clothing wise. There’s like 4-5 guys characters in total who wear a long coat with a hoodie or something similar.

Lastly about YZQ, I think the manga will end soon because of the new OAD and tv anime last year. They usually do this to bring in new readers before a manga end. I think it’ll end this year or 2016. Hopefully we’ll get a another new anime too. Zettai Karen Children did the same thing too, it’s ending soon so they made the Kyousuke gaiden anime. It worked on me. After watched the 1st three episodes, it made me read all of the manga and I’m a big fan now.

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