Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book: Uchida Maaya Wakana interview

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Even for a Japanese person, I think her way of speaking is very indirect and redundant. I rephrased most things so it’s shorter. I grouped some questions as well so if you own the book and check, the question numbering isn’t the same. I just put in numbers so it’s more convenient when reading. There’s also a part I didn’t translate directly. Unless the thing I translate is really long I like doing line by line. I think it’s nicer to read like that compared to just infodumped things in a list. It feels more like you’re reading the book yourself.

1/ How did you feel about voicing Wakana?

It’s a show with a lot of girls, so the first thing I was thinking about was how to make her stand out.  I thought I had to make her properly feel like a bad girl. Like how she always goes “areare〜?”, or how she gets into disputes even with her own comrades like Bell. It feels like she’s totally devoted to being evil in the first cour. It was fun each week thinking up ways to do it lol. I didn’t have many opportunities to play evil girls before, and  I think Wakana being a bad girl is one of her goods points, the flavor of her character. I wanted to show it. It was my goal to make her hated. Then, Wakana’s change into “clean Wakana” as the story progresses also happened inside me as well. I felt her growing more and more. I was also told to “bring out Wakana’s strong development out more” when singing, so I started trying to sing in a way that would reflect her growth.

2/ Regarding her growth, what was difficult to do?

For Wakana herself I don’t think it was difficult. In the past, she already used to be more obedient and was the type of girl that makes you want to protect her. I voiced her thinking it’d be nice if she became more innocent and lovely than anyone. Before her developments, she always gave a bad impression, so I carefully planned how to show the charm of her turn over. Wakana is all right now and I want everyone to think Wakana she has good parts too. After the show deals with her delicate childhood you can feel more deep feelings behind her nya nyas too.

3/ After the flashbacks there’s more charm in her nyanya.

Before it was like she considers everyone an enemy and it’s hard to read her feelings. It was like she would talk to attack people rather than to exchange ideas. She was also sarcastic with how she would go “aa?” Or “danyaa?” at the end of her phrases. But now she’s more straightforward and hit others with her thoughts directly, like if the conversation is a game of catchball.

4/ And now she’s in love.

Recently she looks at Kazuki senpai in a special way, but I don’t think she’s the kind of character who’ll openly show her affection. I tend to empathize with the characters I play, and I like the boy that the character likes, and I think Kazuki san is a nice person. But I don’t like his thoughtlessness, big brother side lol. Even when I take into consideration Wakana’s feelings lol. Maybe all boys his age are like that… like, he’s friends with everyone.

5/ Like when he said he’ll go on a date with Ann and Wakana right? (the cinema ep with tons of Magical Mions)

Just reading the script was painful. Like, he totally didn’t notice how wrong it was, and was just “come on let’s go”. When I asked to the staff “just what is Kazuki thinking there”, they told me “he doesn’t think it’s a date at all. For him they’re just going out to play normally.” That’s cruel. I couldn’t believe it lol.

6/ How do you feel about An ?

I think of An as a rival. I don’t know if she likes Kazuki san, but Kazuki san thinks of her as an important person, and there’s the memories from when they were kids…
Wakana isn’t honest but it shows. She acts weird when she’s with An. For example, she speaks to Bell around as much as she does to An, but when she’s with An she acts a bit differently. I need to express how Wakana feels towards An.  She likes her, but she’ll act as if she doesn’t. She’ll act in a way that shows neither like or hate. She’s not honest with her.

7/ How do you think things will go from now on?

I don’t think it will become a full love triangle. Else I get the feeling something scary gonna happen. I wish Kazuki san would stop being so indecisive about An. But I also want them to be happy. I want him to hurry and become an adult, and to look at An and Wakana seriously. Seems it’ll take a while though.

8/ He’s really not thinking about that

Yeah. He probably gives it zero thoughts. But I think Kazuki san is the only one for Wakana. Wakana kept transferring and didn’t have friends, and she became the kind of girl that doesn’t open her heart easily, but still fell in love with Kazuki san. So I really want him to accept her feelings.

9/ It’s hard to imagine Wakana choosing another person

Right. I don’t think she’ll start liking someone else. I don’t want anyone to experience painful things, but seeing Naru chan crying made it even more obvious that with a love triangle someone will have an unfortunate outcome, plus there’s a lot of girls so obviously some will be left out. I wonder how it’ll go. I don’t want my own character to experience that. It’s scary lol. The 3rd cour is ending now and there’s only one left. I’m anxious as to how things will turn out. I’m counting on everyone’s support.

10/ Wakana does fortune telling in the show. Do you do it too?

Ah, I have a lot of Prism Stones and I play with them too. Once, a Pop stone came out(An’s character style) and I was like “fuwaaa!” lol

11/ Like in the anime lol

(I can’t understand everything she means there. Basically one day when recording the bonus part for a CD single, probably one of the audio drama things in the singles, she couldn’t say the jumps names properly. So she went into “serious” mode and managed to do it. She says that usually she can do 4 prisms jumps max. Not sure if she’s just saying that as a joke or if she really means it gets hard for her to say more than 4 jumps names. I think it’s the former.)

11/ Do you play any instruments ?

I used to play an electric organ. I stopped practice years ago though. We also owned a piano at my house. Back when I was at school I’d do accompaniment playing with both hands. These days I feel like playing the guitar. My fingers are short so I’m not sure how it’ll go, but I feel like trying something new. We’ll be in 2014 soon after all. (Book was released December 21st 2013 , the day episode 38 aired.)

12/ Is there a song you’d like to play ?

Well… I’d like to start with playing 「smoke on the water」lol.

13/ Pretty Rhythm is a show where the characters’ clothes change with the episodes, do you have any anecdotes related to that?

Ah, today what I’m wearing matches with Wakana.  My top has roses patterns. They all wear flower or colorful clothes. It influenced my and I’ve been wearing more colorful clothes lately. I think I would have been glad if I saw an anime like that when I was a kid. I would have been able to coordinate my clothes better.
(Didn’t post it directly because it would only display the original size for some reason, which is too big. Didn’t upload it here directly because I  want to save space on my blog)

14/ It’s fun trying out various clothes.

Yeah it really is. If I ever have a daughter, I’d like trying to dress her like Wakana. I’ll tie up hair her in two buns too, then I’d say “these were your mother’s clothes” lol (gotta admit I laughed)

15/ Is there any scene or line of dialogue that left a big impression on you?

When Wakana did a show in place of An, then returned to Edel Rose and told Bell “let’s do a Prism Show together!” (episode 23). I really like how she called out to her then, made me think « that’s youth » . They really like each other but only realize it at the end of the second cour. The three of them really like each other, so I like that scene. The face of Wakana who managed to break through her doubts, feeling she can do something for others.

16/ Before then she used to keep her distance.

She had created a deep wall between herself and her friends… I think that part of her is a bit similar with me. To a certain extent, I also tend to think it may be bad to suddenly act very familiar with someone even if you get along with them. I think I can understand this feeling of putting up a guard to protect yourself. So I understand well how Wakana got influenced by Kazuki senpai’s “freedom” words and how she finally became true friends with Bell and Otoha.
That’s why I was really happy with Wakana’s growth when she said to Bell “I just want to keep doing Prism Shows with you” in episode 25. At the beginning I used to think “Just how much of a bad person she is?” but she grew more and more, the walls around her disappeared more and more, and now she’s a loved character.

17/ There’s also how she decided to tie her hair after she met Bell

I’ve always been thinking she will untie it one day. The third opening has her untying her hair. She was tying her hair for Bell’s sake. Then when she grew as a character, she actually becomes the Wakana from the past, the true Wakana. Her “nya” and how she ties her hair are both part of a personality she made up.
Starting episode 36, she doesn’t have to hide what she wants to her dad as well, so I hope one day she’ll be able to appear with her hair untied in front of everyone. I’m looking forward to it.

18/ Is there any character you like besides yours?

prad3 ed3 gif naru ito ann

I think Ito chan is cute.  When she blushes, or the face she makes when dancing in ED animation 3. How she can’t be honest is similar to Wakana. Also I’m envious she got a nice love story lol. (now that’s great taste, ED3’s animation is ultra fun)

19/ If you could, which boy would you choose ?

Probably Kazuki. I like him but I don’t like him. I don’t want to admit I like him lol. Because he’s nice with everyone. That “we’re all friends” attitude, and then he’ll pat your head. But it’s probably because of that that Kazuki senpai is so popular. I think it’s nice, but I don’t want to admit I like him.

20/ A word to the readers to wrap things up ?

With the end of the third cour we finally saw all of Wakana’s growth, and I really hope everyone will be happy in the fourth cour. Also, I think the feelings of everyone watching the show influence us a lot so please keep hitting us with your feelings so we can keep going until the very end. I will be happy if Pretty Rhythm is even more loved. I hope you will keep supporting us.

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