PriPara – 44-51

prad5 44 01 prad5 44 02

Yay Iroha.

Episode 44

prad5 44 03prad5 44 05prad5 44 06prad5 44 07

Shion is still the best character. I didn’t like how Shion just ate it when Mikan told her Dorothy joined Aromageddon. Shion would never be led astray by the words of some world eating monster. But instead of making forced drama they actually did some amusing things so it didn’t turn out bad. Was an ok episode. Ninja throwing random things makes me think of Ranma, even more since Dorothy threw a heating pot.

prad5 44 09

Akaii Meganee knowing that Leona hurt himself is another proof that she’s secretly true final boss. She has access to the PriPara/Pretty Rhythm matrix and is planning to destroy all worlds as Prism Decade. It’s nice how Dorothy and Shion finally kinda got some development, each realizing their faults. Dorothy’s is too full of herself and made Shion loose the race in the previous episode. Shion is overconfident and sometimes charges in without thinking, it did cost her when she challenged Gloria. We’ll see if they actually remember these developments in future episodes or not.

Episode 45

prad5 4502

It’s still the same background inchous since s1. I like the one with blue twintails at the back.

prad5 4503

That teacher was cute.

prad5 4501prad5 4505prad5 4507prad5 4510

I was expecting them to do 666 jokes since when they announced Aroma so it wasn’t funny. Ten Shi was pretty expected and seen before too.

prad5 4508 prad5 4509

More evidence Mikan will end up getting prematurely pregnant and stop her olympic  high jump career.

prad5 4511 prad5 4512

It was fun how Aroma told Mireille her chara tsukuri sucks, because I agree. Puripuri sucks. Untransformed Mireille best. Also maybe they did this on purpose in a tongue-in-cheek way to show how Mireille and other s1 girls are all catchphrases catchphrases, while they put in more effort into Aroma and Mikan’s personalities.

Was an ok episode, nothing particularly funny.

Episode 46

prad5 4602

Those random little girls at the beginning were cute.

prad5 4603 prad5 4604

The two lolis in the episode were cute too, maybe they’ll actually come back later as since s2 started it feels like they stopped forgetting side characters a bit less.

Anko/Normal loli was voiced by Yasuno Kiyono. She’s Sakura in Aikatsu, MUH BAKEMONO girl in Valvrave,  and Alhanko Asta, one of my favorite Yacht Club girl in Mouretsu Pirates(though I like them all)
Miruku/Shy loli was voiced by Natsukawa Shiina.

aikatsu18 skull idol ran in background

MAL says Natsukawa Shiina is the skull mouse idol in Aikatsu aka My favorite Aikatsu background idol.

prad5 4605prad5 4606 prad5 4607 prad5 4608

Eh Aroma and Mikan first heard of PriPara thanks to New and Mew. If they actually make them meet each other and do something about this, and make New and Mew side characters tied to aroma and Mikan I’d be cool.

prad5 4609prad5 4610 prad5 4611 prad5 4612

Aroma awakened her inner evil Ayami.

prad5 4613prad5 4614 prad5 4615 prad5 4616

Aroma’s background of being very shy so she made herself a personality isn’t anything original but at least it has the merit of  existing.

prad5 4617 prad5 4618

Nice they didn’t just write “africa” on the box and aren’t like these definitely racist people who think ALL of Africa is a savanna filled with dangerous animals. Like those people who think mahgreb isn’t part of africa, and that africa automatically means black people. Like those people who think of Chinese looking people when you say “asian” while there’s tons of different looking people in Asia.

prad5 4620prad5 4621 prad5 4622 prad5 4623

Aroma is pretty brave. I’m surprised they didn’t put a don’t try this at home sign.

prad5 4624 prad5 4625

Eeeeh NotSana chan and the DmC girl also joined New and Mew with Enka girl. The way they joined up like that makes me remember the kaiser brothers in Yakitatte Japan

prad5 4628prad5 4629 prad5 4627 prad5 4630

It was nice too how they even actually pointed out that Mikan seems like Aroma’s servant and solved it by giving her a bit more depth this episode. But again, there wasn’t any funny jokes sadly.

Episode 47

prad5 4701

If only Mireille would actually do something else because of what Aroma told her instead of puri puri poppu steppu getchu all day.

prad5 4702 prad5 4703 prad5 4704

Hahahaha doppelgangers everywhere, now that was funny. I’m sure they did this on purpose for a laugh. I’d prefer actual jokes though.

prad5 4705 prad5 4706 prad5 4707

So Mikan is so nice, even if she didn’t eat she can turn her good feelings into energy too. I like her a bit more. Still wouldn’t get near such a world eating monster though.

prad5 4708prad5 4709 prad5 4710prad5 4711 prad5 4712 prad5 4713

Eeeh where’s Dorothy and Leona’s parents? I wanted to see them…

prad5 4715 prad5 4717

So Aroma is a fan of Mireille.

prad5 4719prad5 4721prad5 4722prad5 4723

Shin chan is still airing even though the author died right? I wonder how is the show now. Or maybe they just haven’t finished adapting the manga yet. Only watched the first season, or the second or something around when it aired here in 2004 or something like that.

prad5 mikan vaccuming in strawberies gif stolen from kyupikon site

Stolen from Kyupikon’s site.

prad5 4724 prad5 4725 prad5 4726

Oh a new making drama. Wasn’t anything impressive but at least it’s there. Also Mireille holds the Macaron like Rizumu or Ann during Happy Macaron Spin. Speaking of that, it’s easy to tell how much better prism jumps where because I still remember their names when Pretty Rhythm ended for more than a year now, while I don’t really know most Making Drama’s names, even my favorite one, which is DONUTS MACARON RAINBOW KARTING.

prad5 4727

Wow this sure was forced. She literally ripped open the door to forced drama. Good job.

Okay episode. Wasn’t particularly funny either, except for the mirror doppelganger background girls and Mikan eating with a Shin chan face.

Episode 48


As I’m writing this part, there’s a rainbow on top of the edit post page forced in by WordPress. I’m not a supporter of homosexuality. I didn’t even know rainbows were a symbol of gay things until yesterday. I’ll be forced to be careful and not say stuff like “I like rainbows” now. Like how I need to be careful to not say “I don’t date girls” because some people would think it means you’re gay. I just don’t date girls, and not guys either. I just think dating is retarded. Anyway, like how cool kids would say these days, this rainbow really “triggers” me.

hideo kojima, he is not a char, I mean not a gay

But at least I got a laugh out of this. (I randomly found it on the net, I don’t think he tweeted it recently.)

Edit from the future: As I randomly reread posts, I stumbled upon this post and the remarks above, I wholeheartedly apologize for anyone in the LGBTQ+ community I must have offended. Maybe I’m too nice on myself, but I don’t want to say I was homophobic back then, but stupid and ignorant, I changed and learned a lot these past years. I don’t remember writing similar things in other posts either. I did already think back when writing this post that homophobia and any act of racism towards LGBTQ+ community should be condemned like other forms of racism. I was just stupid and said some very inconsiderate things. I guess what I meant back then and should have properly explained is that while homosexuality is considered a bad thing in my culture, it doesn’t mean that I hate the LGBTQ+ community, just like I don’t hate the billion of people who do billion of other things not permitted in my culture/religion either(smoking, etc).
I will not be deleting the remarks because I don’t want to “hide” my mistake and make it as if it never happened. I doubt many will ever read this edit anyway, but again, I apologize.

stretch post

Speaking of gay things, are you reading this Josei manga called Stretch yet. It’s about two women living together who stretch everyday, teaching the readers how to stretch. It’s really funny. There’s a nice plot and more characters that get added as it goes on too. Surprisingly, they’re actually NOT lesbians though. I just wanted an excuse to bring it up.
Also don’t read chapter 14 at night because it’s very disturbing and scary. And be careful not to jump chapters. Read chapter 22 before chapter 22.b, even if 22b is after 22 in the chapter list, it’s an error.

prad5 4801

一生懸命 is said all the time in anime etc so I never realized until now it’s actually a Yojijukugo.

prad5 4802prad5 4803 prad5 4804prad5 4805 prad5 4806 prad5 4807

prad5 4808Made me think of Ocarina of Time.

prad5 4809prad5 4810 prad5 4811 prad5 4812

Wow she’s going all out, also I’m surprised there’s no don’t try this kids sign again.

prad5 4813prad5 4814prad5 4815prad5 4816prad5 4817prad5 4818prad5 4819

There was a few joke attempts, none worked on me though. They should have made it so the paper already went through the goat’s digestive system and that Laala would have had to reach at it from behind. Now that would have been funny. Would also show kids who want to become veterinarians what they’ll end up doing.

prad5 4820prad5 4821

All that yuri otaku pandering

prad5 4822prad5 4823 prad5 4824 prad5 4825

Sophie is crazy those papers flew ton of places and caught on billions of bacteria and then she put it on the cake.

 prad5 4826 prad5 4827 prad5 4828

>Akaii Meganii will never give you a ride

prad5 4829prad5 4830 prad5 4831 prad5 4832

SoLAromageddonMi doesn’t sound like a definite name so they’ll probably disband next episode.

prad5 4833prad5 4834 prad5 4835 prad5 4836

So Dream Theater is basically kinda recycling the idea of prism acts, adding a mini storytelling/setting to Making Dramas.

prad5 4837 prad5 4838

That tree in the background kept making me think of the first boss in the original Kirby on Game Boy and then he actually sucked them in so I’m sure it was on purpose.

prad5 4839prad5 4840 prad5 4841prad5 4842 prad5 4843 prad5 4844

It was nice seeing new CG and dancing for once but it’s always lacking something. It’s just not impressive. Probably the CG team stopped doing drugs compared to when they were doing the jumps in Pretty Rhythm.

prad5 4845

Was an ok episode

Episode 49

prad5 4901 prad5 4902


prad5 4903prad5 4904 prad5 4905 prad5 4906

I  don’t even care anymore there’s no ongoing plot, I’m starting to find it funny now how they remember some kind of ongoing tournament plot every xx episodes(though Shion mentioned it in episode 46 I think) explain everything about it in one go, and then never again.

prad5 4907prad5 4908 prad5 4909 prad5 4910

No she’s not cute, she’s scary.

prad5 4911prad5 4912 prad5 4913prad5 4914 prad5 4915prad5 4916 prad5 4917 prad5 4918

Why is Laala the one who comforted Usasa anyway(not pictured), it should have been Shion or a Dressing Pafé member. Sometimes they make her act the main character role at the least opportune moments.

prad5 4920prad5 4921

At least, like Mireille says before their live, this episode showed Shion and Dorothy never fight anymore now and can cooperate for the sake of their friends.

prad5 4922 prad5 4923

>STILL the same making drama but just a usagi balloon.
It’s like they’re mocking us Dressing Pafé/Shion fans.

prad5 4924 prad5 4925

Aaah so Green Wind is a Heidi reference. Annette works too. Annette is also blonde too.

Was a really boring episode. Absolutely nothing happened. Usasa should go back to mascot school and never come back.

Episode 50

prad5 5001

I hope Hibki’s butler is a recurrent side character. But lol this is PriPara even if he is an actual side character we’ll only see him every 15 episodes.

prad5 5002 prad5 5003

Green Wind’s way of talking isn’t annoying like I expected. She’s actually not an Otoha clone too. For now. Depends of how she’ll interact with Hibiki.

prad5 5004 prad5 5005

So yeah she’s Heidi and Annette mixed together.

prad5 5006 prad5 5007 prad5 5008

They said Green Wind is in 2nd year of middle school, but she will live in the high school section’s dorm, and everyone is surprised that there’s a high school section in their school. That’s because they just retconed it in, like I predicted in previous posts.
If you haven’t been reading my blog, basically, judging from the information of all the episodes so far, you could deduce there was no high school section in Paprika school.
I said that either Hibiki will create one when he transfers since he’s in first year of high school (he as the power to do so as the chairman’s grandson), or that they’ll retcon one in. They could have done the former but did the later. They’re lazy. This will be handy too if they keep the characters in s3/one year later as Sophie will become a high schooler.

prad5 5009prad5 5010 prad5 5011 prad5 5012 prad5 5013

Green Wind looks like Lambdadelta with these pajama clothes. And lol Sophie actually said she’s a reincarnated jellyfish.

prad5 5014 prad5 5015

They do look alike. Also, green Wind is the second person since Shion to be able to dodge Mireille’s attacks.

prad5 5016 prad5 5017

Would have been funny if they broke the window. Another missed joke opportunity.

prad5 5018

Cute teacher.

prad5 5019prad5 5020 prad5 5021prad5 5022 prad5 5023 prad5 5024

Her interaction with Dorothy was kind of funny though. Also they didn’t forget that eyebrows kid who likes Dorothy.

prad5 5025

Dorothy’s voice and how she speaks fast was a bit funny when she was angry too.

prad5 5026prad5 5027 prad5 5028 prad5 5029

She really looks like a not evil Lambdadelta.

prad5 5030prad5 5031 prad5 5032 prad5 5033

Wow they can make it rain and it’s actual rain.

prad5 5034 prad5 5035

Now we’re getting an A Link To The Past reference.

prad5 5036prad5 5037 prad5 5038 prad5 5039

Wow an actually cute dress. Doesn’t happen often.

prad5 5040

At least they reused a Making Drama we didn’t see much before instead of Giant Pizza Gift Box again.

prad5 5041 prad5 5042 hibiki plane

Hibiki is pretty bishonen I think I’m gonna like him.

Was an okay episode. Nothing bad or good.  Green Wind’s introduction was ok.

Episode 51

prad5 5101 prad5 5102 prad5 5103


prad5 5104 prad5 5105 prad5 5106

Hahahahaha he even kissed Rina chan. Yes finally something actually funny I’m gonna like this guy.

prad5 5107


maris 01

I really miss rose in mouth bishonen trope. This used to be so poplar, then people stopped doing it. Rose in mouth thing is one of the things that has always made me laugh ever since I was a kid.
Screenshot is from Maris the Choujo ova, a really funny ova adapted from some Takahashi Rumiko thing. I’m pretty sure I already wrote that I really like rose in mouth bishonens, sorry for being repetitive.

prad5 5108

Seeing that title, there’s still some people in the PriPara staff that like over-the-top-so-ridiculous-it’s-funny things. I wish it showed in Making Dramas.

prad5 5109

She didn’t explain what 吃驚仰天/Kykyougyouten means so I googled it: it’s being astonished.

prad5 5110prad5 5111 prad5 5112prad5 5113 prad5 5114prad5 5115 prad5 5116 prad5 5117

Oh so Hibiki got interested in Green Wind because she treated him like a normal person. Typical prince love story pattern.

prad5 5118 prad5 5119

“If I was there surely he would have told me the same thing” Hahaha never change Dorothy.

prad5 5120prad5 5121 prad5 5122prad5 5123 prad5 5124prad5 5125 prad5 5126prad5 5127 prad5 5128 prad5 5129

Dorothy made some funny faces.

prad5 5130 prad5 5131

Yaaaay Cosmo.

prad5 5132 prad5 5133 prad5 5134

Hey where the hell are you touching her Kuma.

prad5 5135prad5 5136 prad5 5137 prad5 5138


prad5 5139prad5 5140 prad5 5141prad5 5142 prad5 5143 prad5 5144

I’m really not fond of characters thinking they’re unlucky crying about themselves but thankfully it ended fast.

prad5 5145 prad5 5146 prad5 5147

Wow ninja outfits with rupee kunais!!!

prad5 5148prad5 5149 prad5 5150prad5 5151 prad5 5152 prad5 5153

They added scrolls and kunais, besides that it’s the same making drama.

prad5 5155prad5 5156prad5 5157prad5 5158

There was also flashy shurikens on the stage’s floor.

prad5 5159prad5 5160 prad5 5161prad5 5162 prad5 5163 prad5 5164

You may not know it, but there is a little girl abused by a goat every 15 minutes. Goat child abuse is a serious crime. If you see a little girl bullied by a goat, please call this special number.

Was a pretty good episode, except for blue bird which I don’t like.

In conclusion:

The fact that Aroma and Mikan are actually in grade school like Laala makes sense. And yeah, like you said Kiri Yubel it explains their way of acting.
I remember writing how it’s weird there wasn’t a sudden flux of grade schooler in PriPara when Gloria’s ban got lifted so it’s nice they thought about it too.

Aroma and Mikan are pretty good characters. S2 is much better than S1 for now. But then again seeing how S1 is, that’s relatively not a huge achievement. Plus there’s still the same problems, like side characters barely appearing or never doing anything, unfunny jokes(though I guess that’s just my opinion) etc.

In terms of improvements I noticed there’s significantly less flashbacks now.

I wish we’d get another Shion and Iroha episode. Or a Cosmo x Sophie episode with them on stage together. I dunno how come they still haven’t done that. Maybe Avex/iris managers meddling or whatever. Or a Cosmo and Shion episode. Or an episode where Dorothy and Leona’s dad would train Shion to be a ninja like them. She’d be invincible if she mastered ninja skills. Or an episode about Shion’s parents. Shion’s mom must be super cute too. It needs more Shion.

Sequel seasons being better than the original doesn’t happen much in 50 episode long kids shows. A lot of time seasons 2 are lazy, and if they introduce new characters from the card/arcade/whatever game it’s adapted from and trying to sell, they’ll sometimes favor these characters over the previous ones, stealing the spotlight. Sometimes if these characters aren’t interesting it can be fatal. Here thankfully Aroma and Mikan are pretty interesting. Maybe they’ll do a “Mikan stopped eating!! it means she finally got serious!” moment later on.

I’m pretty mad Laala Mireille and Sophie each got to do a solo performance but Shion didn’t. When is she going to do a Go themed Making Drama in space.

Aroma and Mikan may seem like great characters, but it’s just that they gave them actual thought and development unlike the others. Aroma and Mikan even got a flashback episode very early too. They also made them grade schoolers as part of their plot and not just for pandering. They look good because the others pale in comparison. Except Shion of course. Aroma and Mikan also both have their own Making Drama compared to the Dressing Pafé girls who only have 2 team ones.

One thing I’m worried about though, is that they might have already exhausted everything they wanted to do with Mikan and Aroma with these episodes focused purely on them. They already don’t appear anymore now that Green Wind and Hibiki got introduced, hopefully they’ll show up again soon.
The way they focused so much on Aromageddon is kinda like how every news channel these days keeps talking about Greece’s crisis while there’s actually a lot of others countries in Europe in similar dire situations like Italy(poor Woxxy recently lost his job) Portugual, Spain etc. Maybe in a few decades EU will get disbanded like in Code Geass and then people will say the geopolitics in the show were actually not that stupid. And will stop using that stupid word “trainwreck”. If you don’t know, “trainwreck” is one of the words that really triggers me. Though it nearly doesn’t “trigger” me as much as “islamist” and all those words making it seems muslims are all terrorist. Imagine if people called pedophile priests “christianists” and would talk as if every priest is a pedophile. Anyway I’m getting sidetracked.

Also I don’t really care myself but there sure was tons of QUALITY , especially in 51.
Episode 52 will have new OP/ED.  Episode 52/4th of July is also the show’s first anniversary.

TLDR version in  conclusion:
44-48 were mediocre okay. 49 was very boring. 50 was mediocre okay. 51 was good. Why can’t all episodes be like 51. S2 is better than S1 by far.


Read Crunchyroll for general non obscure news, too lazy to do it myself. They announced Dressing Pafé nendos, a new Laala figure, and a new PriPara movie for 2016. This time apparently it’ll be all in CG. Tbh I don’t really care,  so I didn’t read anything about this new movie myself. Plus there won’t be Pretty Rhythm characters.

They’re going to release “PriPara Official Fan Book 2015 DREAM 2 August 2015 Issue” on July 17. Maybe it will have info on the new characters they’re going to add after Green Wind and Hibiki.

Famitsu published an interview of some Takara Tommy guy, talking about why is PriPara poplar. Haven’t read it myself but I bet it’s nothing interesting.

Now that I think about it, they probably forcibly removed Faruru from the show because Avex didn’t want to make more songs for her/ only want to focus on advertising iris and the new s2 characters.

There’s a PriPara musuem in Akiba.

2 thoughts on “PriPara – 44-51

  1. Erodinamic

    Well faruru is coming back. They gave her a solami smile dress thingy in green.
    I actually think hibiki is a girl because if you look at his/her profile pic he/she looks like she/he has women parts.
    Lastly the final new girl picture was leaked and she really plane and boring.

  2. Ayami

    “I’m not a supporter of homosexuality”
    Well this is really disappointing. At least you didn’t write more then that, but i guess i’ll stop reading this blog now. Sad cause i liked your Pretty Rhythm/PriPara posts.


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