Kiratto Pri☆chan 1-2

It’s the first episodes of a new series so there’s tons of new info and it’s really fun to write about it. Next posts will probably be shorter, unless the series turn out really good and there’s things to write about every week. If it becomes bad or better to watch in batches like PriPara, I’ll try to keep blogging it in batches of episodes.

As you should already know, Prichan is the new thing succeeding Pripara, so you don’t need to have seen Pretty Rhythm or PriPara to watch Prichan.

Kirari town. Would be interesting if they took advantage of the fact it’s an unclear fictional town to do weird things. Like that tweet about the Minky Momo 1st anime I saw some days ago, on how there’s an episode with war planes etc and they get away with it because it’s “in a certain country at a certain era” & not “Japan”.

They went for the classical little sister/brother+ family holds a restaurant pattern. A lot of girl oriented shows has that. Aishite Knight has it too(though Sunny/Hachizo technically isn’t Yakko’s brother). To take Pretty Series examples, it’s like Aurora Dream and PriPara. Same as Original Aikatsu too.

Mirai’s mom is credited as “Mirai Mom” and voiced by Asano Masumi. I like her bob cut. Little cheeky sister is Hikari. Seems to be typical cheeky little sibling like Itsuki or Non before. She’s voiced by Kusunoki Tomori who was born in 99, so young. She’s a new seiyuu who just started in 2017 & got her first main roles in 2018.

(She’s currently pink girl MC in the SAO GGO spinoff anime adaptation. I watched the first episode of that, it aired before P5, and hated it, even considering how first episodes tend to be bad. It was really bad. “wow I’m a loli with max AGI so I hid in a suitcase to kill the proplayers but plotwist I’m actually a big breasted tall and mature lady IRL”. Beautiful SAO level writing. Can’t wait for the inevitable raep attempt by the villain)

Since their family like ultra cheesy names, maybe Mirai Mom’s name is Kizuna (Ai) and they’ll reveal she’s the strongest Prichan streamer. Similar to how Farurururu and her clones were revealed by producer Ohba to be Vocaloid ripoffs, I definitely think there will be virtual Prichan idols introduced at some point.

I used to think Laala’s mom would never do anything since she wasn’t named at first, but she ended up having history with Gloria, (which was badly written but at least gave us all the good scenes with them later through PP), so maybe Mirai Mom will do something one day. They might show Mirai Dad later too. I’m guessing he’s probably typical anime dad working overseas. Or maybe Mirai Mom is gay and we’ll see Mirai Mom Mk2.

They got the French right, even the accents. “Pâtisserie la pêche”. Good name. I wonder if there will be a Magnifique Grande Scène with Mirai saying “Garde la pêche!!” as I think that’s probably how they got the name. In french, “pêche”/peach is a way to say happy. It can be translated as “the Happy pâtisserie”. “Garde la pêche” means something like “stay woke” to pick a currently popular expression with cool kids.
Either their family is partly French or it’s just a typical case of random Japanese products/shops having french names because they still believe Paris is the best city ever full of blonde white people who don’t bathe.

OP animation was interesting. It’s nice how right at the start they do a gag like that, establishing Mirai as a clumsy girl who does funny faces. I have moderately high hopes for the comedy in the series. it’s cool there’s SFX during the logo too, though I wish there were SFX during all the OP like in old days.

I didn’t expect them to make even the OP animation youtube themed like that. Sure, they didn’t try that hard, and it won’t leave you in pure awe like P5’s menus, but still. Would be nice if they try to make future OP animations youtube/streaming themed as well.  I just hope it won’t become like PP’s. PP felt like it only had 3-4 storyboards OPs that they kept rotating & putting different characters in each scene.

Similar to how in PriPara, music industry didn’t exist outside of PriPara system, with both Madonna and Beyoncé being PriPara idols, it seems the Prichan streaming platform is the only one in existence in the Prichan world. And it’s some kind of huge Youtube+Twitch+Niconico mix. Would be great is they worldbuild on that later and I’m just not having delusions.

Princess Sarah is so cool, as expected of someone part of the great Greenriver family. Would draw her hanging out with actual Greenriver characters like Masaki if I knew how to draw. Can’t wait for her CG scenes.

Strong & independent successful businesswoman Akaii Meganee is so cool.

Nice coords. Another thing I’m anticipating if whether there will be cute coords or not. Most of PP’s ones were really bad.

Wondering if this is just for OP animation dramatic effect or she’s really a ninja who climbs on roofs.

That transformation scene in the OP was interesting. Surprisingly it seems Toda Sayaka didn’t work on the OP animation while she often did in the past.She’s the sakuga director of many episodes in all Pretty Series since DMF too, so she’ll probably work on some Prichan episodes later. Not a sakuga aficionados though so I may not even remember this. Most of the Pretty Rhythm staff keep working on the Pretty Series till now. For example  Tsoubota Fumi wrote the final episode of IPP. PR Director Hishida Masakazu worked on multiple PP episodes too, and will definitely work on Prichan anime. He already said on Insta he worked on the arcade game, probably to do some Yattemita.. They might continue the tradition of recycling the AD halloween Prism Jump in Prichan too.
Also, Sound director is still Nagaaski Yukio. CG Director is still Otobe Yoshihiro.

The 3 classmates: 栗原Tamaki voiced by Amamiya Yurina. Dunno her since I don’t know most new seiyuu as I don’t watch much anime as it airs anymore.
新柿Konomi voiced by Kaho Narumi. Dunno her.
芋崎Hokuto voiced by Fukuo Yui. Apparently she already got main roles.

They’re all new seiyuu (and all at 81 produce). I don’t know their voices so I have no idea which is who. They all look fun. Could call them Wakanaclone, Shorty, Hyper Orange.  They’re in the OP so I hope they appear regularly. I don’t want them to disappear forever after a few episodes like Naru’s classmates whose names I forgot or like Laala’s absolute best friend who even shares her bday and yet never appears Nawho.
(Seems most agencies started thinking it’s better for business to not disclose the age of their seiyuu anymore on their official profiles. Like, all the seiyuu that debuted since 2015 or so don’t have their birth year listed. I don’t think it’s always been like that and I never noticed.)

I guess Blue likes kids aimed horror things.

Anna claims to be a rich ojou sama but no one ever told her it’s rude to Obari finger point at people.

I guess since the game is reusing lots from PP game, the anime will be like that as well. They recycled PriPara world’s entrance to make real life KiraJuku in Prichan. And like in PP seems all the places and countries etc will be named differently.

Hoping to see more of this later.

The mother was credited as “Mother” and voiced by Minami Saki, another new seiyuu in 81 produce. Only main role is an idolxmas named Shiraishi Tsumugi (I’m not that much of a seiyuu aficionados,mostly checking everyone to see if there’s any returning seiyuu)

Oh no another one of those characters who’ll make japanese little girls think it’s cool to mix in english in their speech.

I can’t believe white non japanese women are all so tall wow.

I can’t believe white non japanese women let people into their A.T fields so easily wow.

And of course one of her bodyguards is a black guy, other one seems to be a woman. More seriously, White Girl’s name is Shiratori Ange and voiced by Mimori Suzuko. I wonder if she has actual super powers like seeing the future or they’re just doing this since it’s the first episode.

It will be nice if the eyecatches keep being innovative. I remember how Adult Circumstances happened starting PP s2 and they weren’t animated anymore. I hope there will be at least one episode where they’ll stream themselves playing games and they didn’t mix youtube twitch and niconico together for no reason. Gonna be hilarious if there’s an episode where they do one of those unbearable ” Game ****** EXPLAINED” youtube videos. I think I have actually fairly high hopes for all the potential the show has, it’s gonna be hard keeping it in check to not be disappointed.

Prichan’s world Akaii Meganee is very hyper I like it. Btw while I don’t really care if the Prichan world is linked to past series’ or not (like how I didn’t care much in PP), I’ll still write about it a lot and write random dumb theories about it. Since I like Akaii Meganee a lot.

Seems we’re back to only having one Akaii Meganee. Though it’s possible the Prism Stone shops in the rest of Prichan’s world are owned by other Akaii Meganee. Plus it seems this time Akaii Meganee isn’t her actual name. She says her family name is Akaii and that everyone calls her “meganee” because of the glasses. Though I’m probably thinking too much, as she was credited like usual as 赤井めが姉ぇ. She’s much more expressive this time too and they’re making her into a slave driver kind of boss. And of course she’s still voiced by Itou Kanae. Back when Pretty Rhythm ended and PriPara started in 2014, she said in the PRASS guidebook interview she was sad as all the seiyuu she spent 3 years with left. She experienced that sad feeling again now.

I used to think Blue knows a lot about Prichan because her big sister would turn out to be a big Prichan idol; Turns out it’s her brother instead who’s linked to Prichan streaming. Aoba Yuzuru is Prism Stone cameraman and voiced by Toyonaga Toshiyuki(Naoto in Original Aikatsu, Mikado in Durararara!!, Shun in Kimi to Boku) . Anyway as expected, Prichan follows the tradition of 2 main characters being siblings. Now to see if either Hikari, Yuzuru or another sibling character introduced later, will become an idol in later seasons. In PriPara, when you got in PriPara virtual world, your appearance could change, so very small elementary schoolers like Non Aroma Mikan could do it too. Here there doesn’t seem to be a virtual world, so actually Hikari may never stream, unless they make her grow up. (How they never really worldbuilded the virtual world, at least as of start of S3, besides a few things like the Battle Chips to change the weather, is also one of the many things that disappoints me with PP.)

When the episode was about to air, PR director made a joke on insta saying he appears in it. I guess that’ what he meant, there’s 2 characters called Aoba like his old twitter username.

Who decided that the flow of time always leads to MIRAI??”
I wonder who did these drawings. Probably just the staff. Funny there’s even an archfiend aka handspinner too.

They should have put in a “don’t do this at home”, would have roused kids to aim big and become spacenoids.

Woooow a guy with a rose in his mouth awesome, I really like this.

Prichan is really Youtube+Twitch+niconico, you can do anything on it. I’m surprised it’s not blocked in some countries though. I’m disappointed they didn’t put in a Beef or Chicken vid in suggested videos list. Was definitely expecting a reference to them somewhere in the first episode and I ddn’t see any.
Chibitech was saying the Prichan explanation they did is pretty similar to her Youtube Channel, you can see where they got their inspiration from.

I wonder if this is just a random girl or a confirmation we’ll get a girl called Murasaki something later. If Anna and Princess Sarah actually have a third team member, this also confirms Blue will end up being an idol too.


Mugen Hug Eternal.


Wow she cried fast, though it’s understandable. I wonder if that was just for the sake of putting “emotions” in the 1st episode, or if they’ll remember this later. This shows Emo is easy going and part of cheerleading club but cracks fast under pressure. They have more infinite possibilities to develop her than a game’s description at E3. Most classical way would be the real reason she’s easygoing is deep down she’s mentally weaker than Mirai.  I hope they don’t wait until forever to develop their characters or show more of their past. I still can’t believe it took PP something like 60+ episodes to show just a bit of Dorothy and Leona’s childhood.

Transformation scene.

BAKANA is she gonna use a Program Advance right her first time?!

It’s pretty funny how she does everything without hesitation and then they’re like “wow so that’s how it works”.

It’s pretty similar to PP’s transformation sequences.

CG seems pretty similar to IPP, I don’t think they improved it(I’m still at s3 but spoiled myself some CG scenes in IPP already)

Oh wow she’s much more narcisstic(and loaded) than what I imagined.

That was funny.

Seems this’ll be their first Yattemita. Hopefully they get more soon and they don’t just repeat this one for the next ten episodes or more. Sadly it seems it’ll be more like Making Dramas again and not like Prism Jumps, though I wasn’t expecting else wise anyways. I hope this time they make it more related to the characters.

A cute white girl.

Seems this’ll be more or less calibrated with IRL time, like what the Pretty Rhythm seasons did. Also you need this license to do your own channel so not anyone can do it after all, unless they just give them away to whoever goes in the shop for the 1st time. Or maybe it’s only given to those who do idols things on Prichan.

Oh so following someone on Prichan and having their Forochike is treated as two different things, and having exchanged forochike is more special, I see. Maybe the star thing will play a role in the story.

Ichigo Beebop at her smartphone. Weird she didn’t recognize White Girl if she has a poster of her.

Thus starts the Great Battle Series of Japanese parents who will have to deal with drama born from kids unfollowing each other. Also the SFX when clipping tomochike is the same as with purichikes.

Starting May 6th, they’re accepting yattemita dancing videos from watchers, and they’ll show them in the ED it seems.

After seeing one episode and getting to know the characters I’m finding them much cuter now, and they don’t look as bland anymore.

Was really surprised how tte show’s catchphrase is pretty long and complicated: “tsunagaru hirogaru, forowa no “wa”, suteki na bangumi, ON AIR!!”
Compared to the previous ones :
“naritai jibun ni Prism Jump!”
“mirai no watashi ga ichiiibaaaaan!”
“nanairo heart de happy naaaaru!”
“minna tomodachi minna aidoru!!”

Episode 2

Haha Emo already acting like she’s a big idol.

They’re reusing their café background from PP anime too. And wow is Akaii Meganee gonna be a regular actual real character?!! Yuzuru too? Is Prichan gonna use its side characters and not repeat the mistake of PP!?

Haha Yuzuru actually using Emo like the westerner stereotype way and Emo correcting him, this is fun.

Didn’t expect them to use streaming to advertise stuff right from episode 2, they really seem to know what they’re doing, it’s great. And Emo partly doing it to get more popular.

Emo’s the kind of girl who’s really pushy.

Wow awesome they’re really making Rinka give out basic tips to start up.

Their banter is really funny. The way they butt heads too; And they even show Anna actually isn’t a bitch too.

Flower shop boss was funny.

They even show their video like a real video too. Following typical Japanese TV culture with big text on screen and everything. I hope they do that all the time, and show how Rinka gets even better at making the vids later.

A wild White Girl appears

It seems she’s actually following them. She probably know they’re special and wants them to awaken their ultimate Cosmo or something.


Oh so they uploaded after pretty much one taking everything. I guess Rinka is really good. And since she likes horror stuff it seems she finds cute things most people don’t.

“You got tons of likes so you get to do a live now” Is it something that’ll come back later or they just didn’t think of any better reason to justify this episode’s CG scene.



Wow it’s the former,it’s really how it works. Cool then. Doing videos and getting likes allows them to do lives and get new clothes & apps.

And there’s entrances like that everywhere to transform into their coords and do lives.

Oh wait there is a pan shot like in ADMF, just from top to bottom. Didn’t notice in Ep1.

Emo’s transformation.

The coords are cute. In PP, Akaii Meganee would comment their coord while the characters transformed. Now the character do it themselves during their introduction, pretty clever as they’re supposed to be streaming.


I guess the facial expressions are better than in PP, their faces are more natural.

When they blink there isn’t the funny smug/high on drugs look anymore too.

I talked too fast. It’s still there. Well it’s funny and I actually like it so I’d be sad if it wasn’t there anymore. Kinda like backgrounds characters being silhouettes, it’s a staple of Pretty Series. Though they nearly don’t do that during 2D segments anymore.

Wow awesome a new Yattemita already. Seems they’ll get one for each coord+app they unlock.

MIRAI TOKIMEKU MILLION FURAWAAA. It was cool too. I was wrong, it’s not as bland as most Makind Dramas, looking forward for more.

It’s really funny when Emo does her smug smile at the same time she’s blinking.

Cool they’re trying to make things coherent, with the “a few days later” sign. Cute flower shop boss Hana was voiced by veteran seiyuu Hisakawa Aya. (She did a lot of chars I like: Skuld, Sailor Mercury, Maya in Tenjou Tenge, Chloé in Noir… She was also Claudia in Requiem for the Phantom aka the best thing Urobuchi wrote, F/Z being the worst. )

Rinka doesn’t want to get filmed.

Oh a Dezaki postcard, gonna be awesome if they do it often.

Gonna try to watch and blog episode 3 by Wednesday.


Was some ok first episodes, episode 1 was a normal first episode for these kind of shows, it wasn’t bad and did a good job explaining the show. Episode 2 was better and quite funny.  Looking forward how the anime will turn out. If it becomes bad and I criticize it, it’ll be really funny to see some trolls say I hate it because it’s not like PP. Like how I supposedly hate PP because it’s not like PR.

For now I like Emo and Princess Sarah a lot. And of course I love the White Girl. I actually don’t like streaming culture , Twitch etc, so I was apprehensive about Prichan when it first got announced. Episode 2 already showed they know they can do things with streaming so I’m optimistic.

All the Pretty Rhythm yakuza I know on twitter, Emu san, Sakuramochi san, etc seem to watch Prichan and like it too. Everyone found episode 2 really good too. Haven’t checked the reactions on 3 yet as haven’t seen it. Recently, a lot of  them were watching the previous anime the Prichan staff did to better get into it (Akiba’s Trip, RGZ etc) I wanted to do that too but no time.

When Pretty Rhythm ended, pretty much all of us kept watching and became fans of PriPara too, so it’s normal it’s the same with Prichan. I wonder how many fans who got in with PriPara anime and only watched PriPara got into Prichan anime though. PriPara is astonishingly popular so probably a lot.

Random guesses on what will happen&what I want to happen in the Prichan anime:

White Girl is from the future and there’s a way to time travel by streaming.

A boys idol team who stream themselves playing notFortnite because as everyone in Japan(actually most of the world too) knows, only males play videogames and you’re supposed to stop once you’re an adult.

A virtual Prichan idol, yet another Juné/Faruru clone basically, with drill like hair. Though I guess in a sense the Juné clone is White Girl. She has a french name too(Ange is Angel in French)

Yuzuru episode on how he doesn’t have confidence in his camera skills.

Episodes with things not immediately solved by the end of the episode. I’m surprised at myself thinking that actually I wouldn’t mind it if the show don’t have a real main story,without a climax at the end of each cour. As long as they exploit the possibilities with streaming well, develop the characters correctly and keep dong fun jokes you don’t predict kilometers away. Plus, technically White Girl can’t be a final boss like objective for Mirai and Emo, unless they’ll make them catch up to her in only 50 episodes and get 1 billion followers. That’s why I’m betting on her having some supernatural plot instead.

An actual stalker, but handled comically: they’ll make him/her become Mirai and Emo’s friend and not talk about how bad stalking someone actually is.

Rinka becoming an idol too. I actually don’t want this to happen since it’s so obvious.

Rinka giving out real advice on how to become a successful streamer. This actually already happens in episode 2, I hope they keep doing it.

An actual good explanation as to why Anna is haughty the way she is. Flashbacks of how she met Princess Sarah too.

PP kept introducing characters, which was fine at first but after a while older main one barely appear let alone the side characters constantly in the void. Here for Prichan, at episode 2 we already have all the characters. I hope they keep developing them well and everyone keeps appearing. Would be good if they keep the current relationship of the 2 groups too, they’re rivals but actually friendly with each other. I think it’s starting 3rd cour and OP3 that they’ll introduce more characters. A girl called Kurosomething something,etc, to fit the leftover colors. (black, purple, etc) Maybe the purple girl with Anna and Princess Sarah shown in episode 1 will appear.
And that’s it for now I guess.

Nice thing a lot of cool JP fans already did the work like that. Quick sheet of the Prichan voices when compared to PP. Sasuga Piyoncé she’s also at the top of the Prichan streaming game.

I don’t think it’s a good ideas to let kids who play the Prichan game stream. But from a coherence viewpoint, I think it’s a shame they didn’t include streaming in the arcade game. I wonder why they didn’t do it. I think they might do it with an updated at some point, it feels really weird the anime’s main point is streaming and yet they’re not marketing an easy way for kids to stream IRL.

For now, at Prism Stone Harajuku they put up a studio for kids to do yattemita videos easily.  If I get it right you’ll basically be able to do a video like they did in episode 2, following a premade script that you can complete, then they’ll give you a prichan license too.

Most promotional tweets on the Prichan Twitter are now signed by Yuzuru. If they’re using him it means the show won’t get mascot like characters. In the past it used to be Momo. Then Kuma. Recently they started using non mascot characters too, there was a Hiro signed tweet some weeks ago, and a Yui&Laala one or a Mirai&Emo one too.

Someone did an analysis of the songs lyrics in Purikyua, PriPara, Aikatsu and Idolxmas to check which words appear the most. It seems all the songs have the words “myself” and its declinations in them the most, except for Purikyua’s songs which have “everyone” the most. It doesn’t really mean anything, plus I’m not interested enough to read how they actually made these numbers (did they actually take into account Purikyua doesn’t have as much songs etc). But I find it pretty funny. I guess  if you’re one of those people who like wasting their time, you can use this to troll and say Purikyua is the only series truly about friendship.

Writing this post, I wonder if my “””writing style””” if one could call it that, changed . I haven’t episodic blogged anything since PP s2, so it’s been a while. I wonder if it got better or worse. I don’t think I changed much in ~3years so I think it’s the same. I think most of the ~20 people who used to read my DMF, RL and then PP blogging don’t read anymore though so I probably won’t know.

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