Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 13

prad3 13 02

The judges called the blond man “President Himuro” so as I guessed he’s someone important in the Prism Show world. He’ll have a proper introduction next episode as he’ll pay a visit to the Prism Stone shop. He’s voiced by Seki Toshihiko.

prad3 13 beru gif

Bell’s performance was great as expected. The tweet about it being かっこエロい wasn’t a lie.

prad3 13 04

My favorite scene is obviously Hiro showing his true colors and his subsequent breakdown after getting told by Kouji. So much awesome. I’m sad Kouji didn’t simply punch Hiro but I guess he verbally punched him. I’m sure we’ll get more crazy faces like these later on. Speaking of which, if you’re a newcomer in Pretty Rhythm and haven’t seen the first two seasons, I highly recommend watching them. Season 2 Dear My Future had a healthy dose of crazy distorted faces.

prad3 13 06

Naru did loose the match but she won emotionally as Bell finally lost her cool in front of her. It doesn’t seem like she or Hiro will reform anytime soon but I’m sure they’ll change.

This episode did not disappoint my hype and it was a great ending to this first arc. It’s easily one of my favorite cour end/ending of this season along with Gargantia, Valvrave and Hyakka Ryouran.

prad3 13 09

Seems like next week, Chisato will as promised explain what’s the deal with Rinne. Chisato had a pretty vivid reaction when seeing Naru’s show, as if she remembered something.  Judging from Rinne’s reaction when watching Bell’s Prism Show and how “it was lonely”, plus Himuro’s comment about how it’s “extremely sad”, I think Rinne goes to worlds where the first values of Prism Show like having fun are lost, and she tries to restore them. Either way, I don’t know how much Chisato will reveal to the girls, but us viewers will sure get to know a lot as next week will have a new OP and ED!! I can’t wait.

The official youtube was updated with previews of Bell, Wakana and Otoha songs.

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