Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 46

prad3 prism live for real photoshop

Prism Live at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

prad3 46 01

Penguin Sensei!!! Since he actually talked I think that’s not a random cameo like all his appearances till now. He’s really gonna do something. Is he the penguin that was supposed to be with Juné that Peacock Sensei mentioned?? I actually thought about him since he’s the only penguin that I could think of but I didn’t even dream it would actually turn out that way.

prad3 46 02

Another face to add to the shocked faces collection. It was pretty funny how Bell poited out she’s the one who should relax.

prad3 46 03

Otoha enabled her ultimate cosmo and awakened to the 7th sense.

prad3 46 04

Notice how now they start directly by wearing the 2nd form of their 7th coord dresses and then switch to the last form. Otoha and Ann’s wings also evolved to their final forms when they do their 5th jump.
Just like I’m saying for a few weeks, the situation is very similar to the Prism Show crisis at the end of DMF. With the Jin + Hiro scandals Edel Rose lost all their reputation. Just like in DMF we got to see a very angry audience. Otoha had just as much guts as Mia there for standing firm and still doing her show. Unlike with Mia the audience didn’t throw stuff at Otoha though.

prad3 46 00 prad3 46 000

prad3 46 sonata statues

EDIT: found that one on 4chan for better understanding

When they activate Prism Live, the stage switch to this place in SPACE with seven statues around it. If you look at when Ann does her Prism Live(2nd pic) you can see that the statue at the bottom left is already lit with yellow lights+rainbow, representing Otoha. The one at the top left is already lit too with a rainbow, and the light is white so I guess it’s Rinne. And then there’s the one at the bottom left, with purple light, so it must be Naru, as she already have her ultimate 7th coord too. Seems like each 7th coord evolution during Prism Live will lit up a statue and the rainbow to the moon will appear once all of them are lit up.

prad3 46 05 prad3 46 06

MFW OTOHA DID HAT TRICK STAR. We finally got to see that jump in Rainbow Live. Also when Serenon did it, Serena and Kanon used to kick a ball each and then kick the last ball together. Otoha is alone so she kicked all three. I really hope someone does Rainbow Rising and Prism Rainbow Hurricane too.

prad3 46 07

Flying disco ball to space. Also it was really cool how at the end, some guy in the audience started shouting MERUHEN, and tons of other people joined in and said the RUHEN part with him.

André screaming OOOSCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR at the end always gives me chills.
There wasn’t any Otoha fangirling with art style change like I hoped it this episode but maybe it’ll happen when it’s Bell’s turn. In any case I’m still writing this anyway. Otoha’s fangirling is a homage to Rose of Versailles.
Among the tons of things which surprised me when growing up, is the fact that some shows I saw as a kid are that loved. The example I’m about to bring out is obviously Rose of Versailles. I never thought it was that popular and that it had a cultural story of how much it influenced women and manga. I just always enjoyed the show for it’s story and characters, and never cared about stuff like that and didn’t know it existed.
I don’t have much esteem for my country, and it if wasn’t for things like Versailles no Bara I wouldn’t have any. The last time I rewatched it all was when I was in Middle School, and you learn about the French Revolution in one of the years in there. It helped me back then. Besides some really funny errors like showing the “blue white red” national flag of France, which only appeared after the revolution, Versailles no Bara’s anime (I’m saying it this way because I have yet to read the manga) is in my opinion the most accurate, fun and awesome depiction of the french revolution . Not even we French people could ever dream to make something that good on our own history.
Needless to say, Pretty Rhythm is also one of my favorite shows ever like Versailles no Bara.

prad3 46 08

The reveal that Ann’s father used to be a Pâtissier totally blew me out of the water. I totally didn’t expect it. Thanks to that they even gave us an explanation as to why he wants Ann to take over the Senbei shop so much. When he was younger he used to hesitate between staying that way or starting doing Senbeis, so he decided to make Ann inherit the Senbei shop so she doesn’t have to face that dilemma just like him. He ended up doing it the wrong way though and tried to force the future he choose for her, which her grandmother pointed out. Ann’s grandmother is really cool. Her name is Mary and was voiced by Hidaka Noriko, who did quite a lot of roles in Pretty Rhythm already(Aira’s mom Omi, Bearchi, Chae Kyoung’s mom Myeong Ja) so you should know her name by then, if you didn’t already know it for all the greats roles she did like Noriko in Gunbuster. I wish someone would draw Aira and Mion’s mom piloting it.
It’s the first time she voiced someone in RL so that’s yet another person they brought back from the previous seasons.
Btw, Miyake Kenta, who voices Ann’s dad Sentaro, is also voicing Penguin Sensei and Yamada/Tanaka.

prad3 46 009

MIRACLE DELICIOUS GIRL. Oh and he called Otoha FANTASTIC MERUHEN GIRL too. I wonder if he’ll do it for each girl.

prad3 46 09


prad3 46 ann 5 jump gif

I’m super hyped for next week just to see which of the old jumps they’ll do. You already know it, but macarons are overrated in japan. Just like every French thing ever. They’re not that good.

prad3 46 11 prad3 46 10

The projectors illuminating the stage are rainbow colored. The back of the stage also has seven colored rings on each side, and a rainbow in the middle. This may be the Prism Queen Cup but since it’s the last tournament and isn’t a flashback they actually made a new stage. What I mean is that they didn’t use the same Prism Queen cup stage they always used in AD, DMF, and in RL’s flashbacks.

I saw on the 2ch thread that in the ads before the jikai, there was an ad for the movie. Not posting pics of it because it didn’t have anything new.

As expected of the last cour that episode was really great and had everything. Nice story, comedy and awesome jumps.  The family interactions and Otoha were hilarious.  This is just as good as the other seasons last cour. Laughed so much at Rinne struggling to say Jingiskan in the jikai. Can’t wait for Ito to wear her mom’s dress. I’m sure it’ll be one of Aira’s dresses. Can’t wait for Natsuko to finally get told for good too.

More details about 45

prad3 45 hiro audience characters 01

At the far right there’s Naru’s class teacher, Umeda sensei. At her left are Naru’s classmates, Uchida Rina with the glasses and Jozenji Ai right after her.

prad3 okama magazine scan

If you don’t remember their faces, I’m too lazy to find an episode to take pics of her, but you can see them besides Naru here.

prad3 45 fish chips fake otoha girl

There’s Fish and Chips/fake Otoha like I mentioned already and that’s 100% sure. But there’s actually also Beef at Fake Otoha/Chips’ right, in the suit&red tie, and Chicken in the blue sweat at the left of Fish. At least that’s what I read on jp blogs. Imo I don’t really think it’’s them. The girl with the suit&red tie doesn’t look too much like Beef.

On twitter

Director’s tweets

  prad3 ann wakana magical space planet cardboard prad3 tower recoard duo collection pic 01 prad3 tower recoard duo collection pic 02

Magical Space Planet and other jumps and characters in cardboard at the Tower Records shop of Machida to advertise the Duo Collection CD.

March’s Pretty Rhythm Fan magazine got released the 20th.

prad3 duo collection otoha holding cd

The Duo Collection CD got released the 18.

prad3 hiro kazuki valentine choco 01 prad3 hiro kazuki valentine choco 02 prad3 hiro kazuki valentine choco 03 prad3 hiro kazuki valentine choco 04 prad3 hiro kazuki valentine choco 05 + storyboard cover prad3 hiro kazuki valentine choco 06

Pictures of the chocolates they received for Kazuki and Hiro. There was more but he forgot to take pictures. Also one of them got the storyboard cover for episode 45.

The Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Duo Collection, released the 18th, reached the 9th place of the most sold CDs that day.

Ticket sales for the movie started. Not really interesting unless you’re in Japan (but not in Okinawa. There’s no screenings there)

Seems like the name of the male Prism Show tournaments from the flashbacks, “Power Hall Session”(the qualification round) and “Fly! Sky High Session” (the Prism King Cup) are references to something. I thought “Sky High Session” is a reference to Sky High Symphonia in DMF, but director said that no one gets the jokes because it’s too old/not from this era. Someone then pointed out that “Power Hall” was the name of the entrance song of an old Pro Wrestler famous in Japan called Riki Choushu. Director didn’t reply anything so I dunno if the guy got it right.

Director said they tried to give an olympic feel to the stage of the Prism Queen Cup Winter White Session.

prad3 hiro magazine 46

You can see in the ep that the magazine says Hiro is 18. Like Director already pointed out a few weeks ago, that’s a mistake they only realized later. In the Guide Book too it says that he’s 18 but all the boys are actually 16 and in first year of High School. He said it’ll be fixed in the DVD.

Director: “As you saw, An chan’s grandma was voiced by Hidaka Noriko. A lot of people from AD and DMF got “revived” to participate in RL. She didn’t stay long for the recording but she still leaves an impression.”

prad2 27 butler rich oujou sama

The people voicing Otoha’s grandparents are the ones who voiced the butler and the Prism Star oujou sama in episode 27 of DMF. Otoha’s grandmother, Yukie oujou sama in episode 27 of DMF, is Kobayashi Kei. Otoha’s grandfather, Hifumi the butler in episode 27 of DMF is Ugaki Hidenari. If you don’t remember it was the Reina Itsuki episode with the old love story between the butler and the rich girl doing Prism Show that looked a lot like Reina. And then Reina made them young again in her Prism Show. Director said that back then it was a love story of people with different status, but Otoha’s grandparents were both of the same status when they got married. Otoha’s grandparents weren’t named in the credits, just listed as “otoha grandfather, otoha grandmother”.

Director: “I think it’s very fitting that the OP song of this 4th cour is called Butterfly Effect. Everything started with Naru meeting Rinne, triggering all the events of the story. It’s funny how your point of view changes if you rewatch the beginning now”

prad2 shi yoon hyang ri kim blog

Hyang-ri Kim updated her blog about how she was happy to star yet again in Pretty Rhythm today. She’s voicing Otoha’s mom Otogi. She used to do Shi Yoon in DMF, my favorite Korean girl. She said she’d like to become a career woman like Otoha’s mom. She also got an email by her mom about how she saw her name listed in the credits of episode 46 and how happy she was. She said her family really got into Pretty Rhythm because of her voicing Shi Yoon. Part of her family is Korean, and she has Korean nationality too. Then she said she’ll meet us viewers again soon, with this girl. (posting the pic of Shi Yoon above).
This means Shi Yoon will be in All Star Selection right!? I’m so hyped about this fourth season.

As said last week, this episode was Murakami Momoko’s last script for Pretty Rhythm. She won’t be writing for All Star Selection and is the first person to “graduate” from Pretty Rhythm. Murakami Momoko is the one who had the idea to make Rinne crazy about Jingiskan and meat, so I got to laugh during the jikais thanks to her.

The way An says DAMEDOKORYAAAH in episode 22, and how Rinne picked it up later in episode 35 and other occasions(Thanks Siveruu for pointing it out): That’s actually a reference to Ikariya Chousuke from the comedy group and band The Drifters. The way Rinne says いってみよう/ITTEMIYOOO in episode 37 is a reference to this too. It seems Ikariya used to say that at the beginning of a show called 8時だョ!全員集合 //// It’s 8am!! let’s set off!! that aired from the 60′ to the 80′. The jp version of wikipedia which I linked first, has a whole page dedicated on the show. I don’t have time to look it up more for now, but you can check the jp wikipedia page if you want.
Momoko Murakami is the one who decided on all these references.

Someone asked the director who decided on Kaname’s love for bananas. He said no one in particular, she just got this way because of the time Sonata gave her a banana just like the other animals in the circus. Of course Sonata ate some too. That scene was so moving in AD.

Director said that he had actually talked at the xmas event with Saori Goto(Otoha’s seiyuu) about this episode and how Otoha should do a dual personality like thing. He was happy she did a really good job with it and didn’t forget about it since then. They didn’t say it at the time to not spoil the viewers.

They made Ann’s final jump feature a giant cake to give it an “american feel”. You know, how they do xmas cake competition with the biggest cake etc. The pose she does with the ice cream is the statue of liberty’s pose.
Also he said “Ann’s final 7th Coord dress is blue like that to give an american feel too. Or maybe it’s because she likes Gundams”
Serizawa Yuu, Ann’s VA is also representing blue in her idol unit. (they did the 2nd ED remember?) He said he’s surprised how she pretty much assimilated the character Ann even thought she’s a rookie seiyuu. She’s the one with the least experience in the cast and she still did a really good job with Ann.

prad3 prism live at sochi olympics gif

prad3 machida tatsuki prism live

The OP pic comes from someone on twitter who Photoshopped a Prism Guitar+ sparkles on a pic from the scene above. It got retweeted by every staff member along with the montage with Rinne hahaha. I found the gif on the 2ch thread. The skater is Machida Tatsuki.


 artist odeco prad3 45 hiro artist odeco prad3 45 jin

What she drew

prad3 hiro train

The guy who did the Hiro wagon last week completed it and did a whole train

prad3 hiro coo five qross cards random koihime musou boobs too

There’s going to be Hiro and Coo cards in Five qross. According to the official site there’s a total of 91 Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Five qross cards. If I read that right, a pack containing all of them was released the 21st of February for 5920 Yen. Maybe someone will post pics of all of them.

I need to study and barely proofread the post, so I hope there isn’t many typos or weird constructed sentences.

9 thoughts on “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 46

      1. PrettyRhythmFan+Kazuki x Wakana

        SAME SAME SAME!!! I also really like Bell and Naru’s Little Wing and Beautiful Pride

  1. Incursio

    Based on the comments from the staff, do you think there’s any chance for a second season of Rainbow Live? I really like the show but you said the director will be retiring and all that other stuff.

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Yeah the current director won’t direct All Star Selection, and I don’t think they announced who will replace him or the rest of the staff for now.
      I don’t think there will be a second season of Rainbow Live. However it’ll all depends on how All Star Selection will turn out. It can be a pseudo sequel if the Naru and the other RL characters featured in it are from after Rainbow Live ended and have retained all their character development.

      1. Incursio

        Alright, all I want is more Rinne so hopefully she appears in season 4.
        By the way, do you know whether the DVD boxes are worth buying? They’re pretty expensive (~600k JPY for both I think) but I was thinking that I’ll have to buy both if nobody is going to upload the episodes. Rewatching RL in clean, HQ 1080p is something I must do before I die.
        And if you know about what any of the bonus items from the boxes are that would be nice.

        Last but not least, thanks for always posting – I really enjoy reading all of your posts.

      2. rockmanshii Post author

        That’s nice thanks.

        I think there’s a very slim chance of the DVDs getting uploaded.

        EDIT: Should have read my own posts before answering sorry. The first-press release of the 1st Rainbow Live DVD box had some bonuses. There was 2 postcards with illustrations from the rental DVD covers. If you ordered it through ani mu mo you’d get special covers with the boys instead of the girls, a poster and a CD with Kouji playing the guitar version of Naru’s song, and another track with him singing it. Sadly it’s sold out by now. Though I don’t even know if Ani Mu Mo ships outside Japan in the first place. Besides that there isn’t any limited edition version or anything like that about it. I guess they make enough money with all the different CD singles limited editions etc. They didn’t announce it yet but I think the 2nd DVD box with the second half of Rainbow Live will be out by the beginning of Summer. And yeah the first one is 300 000 Yen so the second one will probably be the same.

        If you’re not in a hurry and short on money maybe you should wait in a year or so when season four ends (assuming it’s a year long like the others). At that time, maybe they’ll release a BD or DVD box with all first three seasons. It’ll be super pricey too because anime BDs and DVDs in japan are always very expensive, but at least for a bit more money you’ll get it all.
        I’m not sure if they’ll ever release the show in bluray though. They often ask the fans if they’d buy blurays in surveys, but they haven’t released any as of now. The first season is still scattered into 25 DVDs releases and the second season in four(or two for the first press releases) so I think it’s worth waiting for a DVD/BD box re-release just in case. It’s better than buying it now and regretting it later. That’s what I’m planning to do.

      3. Incursio

        Thanks for the reply, that helps a lot. Is the animumo link that you posted for the non 1st press edition?
        And if you have any idea what the exact differences are between the regular/1st press/animumo first press it would be really helpful, I have no idea what the kanji in the video are. (That is, which editions have the poster – is the poster the small rectangle at the bottom right of the video? If it is then I don’t really care for the animumo 1st ed since I’m not that desperate for the guys in the show)
        I actually might just buy it soon without waiting because I am in a bit of a hurry and short on money, so I don’t want to risk the DVDs getting any more expensive than they are now. Being impatient is a bad habit of mine but at least I’ll have the stuff quickly.

      4. rockmanshii Post author

        It is sold out on animumo. When you go to the link for the first press edition you get an error 404 meaning it expired. The link I posted is for the normal one.
        You should try others sites if they still have it. Because they said you could only get it at animumo but sites like CD Japan had it too.
        Basically regular edition is the one you can find anywhere. 1st press edition and animumo 1st press edition are the same thing. If you find the DVD box in a shop with it listed as first press then that’s it.
        I think what I listed are all of the goods.
        The picture on the bottom right of the video is one of the dvd covers. I don’t think I saw what’s the poster. Didn’t find pics of it.

        So yeah if you don’t care about the dvd cases with the boys get the regular edition.

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