10/10 is Hiro’s birthday

prad3 director twitter hiro bday 2014

They did a small event. There was a form linked on the avex RL goods site, you had to fill it and put a message for Hiro and then you’d get two new illustrations. It was one day only and it’s past midnight in Japan now, so the link is already dead and I didn’t get to check it myself. One of the illustrations is probably the one director put as his twitter avatar(pic above)

prad3 hiro bday one day event page

That’s how the page looked before it got taken down. A cool thoughtful person on Twitter took a screen of it.Check PRR_HIRO on twitter. There’s fanart and tons of funny things.
In other news, someone translated and uploaded one of irua’s OtoxBell doujin.
Anyway. I’m still planning to translate the interviews in the guidebooks. Planning to do the RL guidebook first, then PRASS guidebook, then the visual book, which I recently bought.  I started translating the interviews in the RL book during summer vacation but I restarted uni now and kinda busy. Not sure when I’ll finish. Maybe around December.
Also, the paper quality of the visual book is pretty bad compared to the other two books. I guess that’s how all books in the “gakken mook series” are. Didn’t had time to try reading it yet. According to the Pretty Rhythm wiki it “contains some really interesting info about what might happen to the Prism Stars ten years after the events of the anime. ” so it should be cool.

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