PriPara – 12&13&14&stuff

prad5 op229

Wow so we’re getting three Gundam shows airing at the same time on TV!! Have this ever happened before?!(Joke on how shots like these are often used in some Gundam OPs)

Episode 12

prad5 1203prad5 1204 prad5 1205prad5 1206

Mireille’s smugfaces are the best.

prad5 1207prad5 1208 prad5 1213prad5 1215

Cosmo is the best sister. Truly the age of oneesans.
And the forced drama continues as Sophie asks herself “what choice do I have” while she pretty much already found the answer since episode 10 after trying to go to PriPara world herself. I don’t get it.

prad5 1216prad5 1217 prad5 1218prad5 1219

Yay Mireille’s parents.

prad5 1223 prad5 1226

Sadako and Chyanko. I knew the bodyguads would do something but I thought it’d be Sadako who’d act. They got me there.

prad5 1227prad5 1228 prad5 1229

Those masctots are kind of ugly. And what is this half cat mascot half idol weird organism at the right?!

prad5 1230

At top right, TANAKA DESU

prad5 1231

random bishonen

prad5 1232 prad5 1233 prad5 1234


prad5 1235prad5 1236 prad5 1237 prad5 1238

Please Usagi just roll over and die.

prad5 1239

They’re starting to regret they didn’t stay in Captain Earth.

prad5 1245prad5 1246

They look kinda childish in the show compared to the promo material. Also Mireille doing a Sumapuri’s Yayoi.

prad5 1247prad5 1248

Dorothy’s voice sounds pretty funny sometimes. She doesn’t mix in English too like I expected. I actually don’t dislike her.

prad5 1249prad5 1250 prad5 1251prad5 1252 prad5 1253prad5 1254

I wonder if little girls wil make PriPara clans and imitate this now.

DEEP marriage symbolism.
Also showing the three Laala Mireille Sophie eyecatchs was nice. Having a little bit different eyecatch than usual is done a lot when the episode’s important. Like cour climax eps like this one.
(Webm stolen from /ai/)

prad5 1257prad5 1259

Why did she even gave her the tickets so that Akai Meganee could stamp “disqualification” on them. Mireille isn’t supposed to be stupid like that.  She gave up way too fast. This scene was so weird I actually though she was faking it at first. But then the scene later with Laala calling her happened, confirming she really was depressed.

prad5 1260 prad5 1261

I get those pandas were supposed to be funny, but this was also just weird. Why would there be panda mascots as security? Not that I’m saying everything should have meaning though.

prad5 1262 prad5 1263

Mireille adding up to the forced drama.

prad5 1264

Usagi:”Sophie chan, what’s wrong?”
Sophie:”We’ve been doing this for so long my arms are getting sore”
Also Usagi’s face here makes me think of those evil notes in the sky orchestra stages of the original Rayman. Really bad memories. I hate these stages so much. There was even harder stages after that though. I actually never finished the game. Last time I played it was during one of my summer vacations in my parent’s home country. I was forced to stop right when the fairy gets kidnapped as the CD got broken in half by one of my cousins. I haven’t played the newer ones but apparently they managed to bring back the vibes from the first one.

prad5 1265 prad5 1267

Sophie isn’t into yuri twincest polygamy.
It’s nice Sophie herself moved. The way she kept asking herself “what choice do I have” in this ep made me loose hope.

prad5 1268prad5 1270prad5 1271prad5 1273prad5 1274prad5 1272

Bodyguards girl acted as expected. Sophie asking them why they’re helping was unexpected, didn’t think she didn’t realize those girls genuinely like her and think about her well being.

prad5 1276prad5 1278prad5 1280prad5 1281prad5 1282

There was no time limit registration, as they got registered when they made their team. Meaning the Mireille thing that happened before really was forced and useless. They should have just made her go “I believe in Laala and I’m sure she’ll bring back Sophie” instead of  going “oh no we can’t participate anymore” and cry.

prad5 1283prad5 1284 prad5 1285prad5 1286 prad5 1287prad5 1288

When seeing this I thought it’s weird we don’t see Sophie dispose of the seed when eating umeboshi. Maybe Cosmo removes them beforehand for her when preparing her vase. Maybe she eats them as well. At least I’m sure you can crack them open and eat the insides. Eat them whole,  I’m not sure. ( I can’t tell whether she’s actually feeding her the umeboshi or the seed. Anyway you should read this manga it’s great.)

prad5 1289prad5 1290 prad5 1291

This made me remember how hyped I am for the Mouretsu Pirate movie getting out soon, but why pirate outfits?  What does this got anything to do with the episode?  Maybe pirate themed Purichikes got out that week. I don’t wanna check though.

prad5 1292prad5 1293 prad5 1294prad5 1295 prad5 1296prad5 1297

Their quick steps are funny.

prad5 1298

>Is that Houjou Sophie?! Wow she teamed up with Mireille and Laalaa!!
These girls in the audience are so late, everyone knew they would at the end of the first cour before episode 1 even aired.

prad5 1299prad5 12100 prad5 12101

Eeeh Kaiho Otome Valkyria huh… That turned out so underwhelming. I knew they wouldn’t fly to space, but they just flied just a tiny bit. The motion when Sophie starts flying is recycled from the motion at the beginning of Aurora Rising, but made it look worse. It was kinda short too. Whiledonuts macaron karting made me think “wow Makin Dramas are Prism Acts in CG”, this didn’t make me feel anything.

prad5 12102prad5 12103 prad5 12104prad5 12105

Besides the plot, the performances themselves should be more surprising too. When they said they can dance more and sing more at the end, they could have made them go on and invent something new, or do 2 making dramas in one live or something. Or make Faruru appear and say “everything is going according to keikaku”. In Pretty Rhythm something would have definitely happened.

prad5 12107prad5 12114prad5 12116prad5 12117 prad5 12118prad5 12119

Their choreography at the end is funny.

prad5 12120prad5 12121

Usual audience shot.

prad5 12122prad5 12123 prad5 12124prad5 12126

Usagi didn’t even get punched or something but seeing him go SONNA BAKANA was satisfying too.
Seeing NewMew team up with Enka girl would be cool.

prad5 12127 prad5 12128 prad5 12129

That episode was weird with all the forced drama but the end was nice. Seeing how much of a big deal they made this whole thing I actually though they would stretch it to episode 13 and it’s nice they didn’t.

Episode 13

prad5 1301prad5 1302

Sophie was into yuri but not twincest. Also, they’r making the bodyguards girls stay.

prad5 1303prad5 1304 prad5 1305prad5 1306prad5 1308prad5 1309

The age of oneesans is calling Cosmo. She can’t resist it.

prad5 1312prad5 1314 prad5 1315prad5 1316

There was a few jokes in this ep, like Sadako immediately being okay with Sophie training once she showed an interest in it, but nothing really funny.
Also remember when I thought that Sophie saying she never trains is part of her cool act? I was wrong and she really doesn’t train, and is pure genius type.
Also, Mireille says it’s weird Sophie doesn’t know grade schoolers can’t do PriPara in this school, but it does makes sense. They said back then it’s actually not written in the rules and just something Gloria made up. Mireille should have said “PriPara isn’t forbidden but Gloria headmaster keeps confiscating tickets from Grade Schoolers, haven’t you heard about it Sophie?”. I guess they forgot about it already.

prad5 1317prad5 1318

(Webm Stolen from /ai/)

prad5 1320prad5 1321


prad5 1322prad5 1323

It’s always when she references TV that Laala does the deep male sounding voice thing. First time was the “heroes on tv says you should never give up etc”. Maybe it’ll always be like that. And as expected the triple eyecatch was special for ep 12 and they’re not doing it anymore for now.

prad5 1324prad5 1325 prad5 1326prad5 1327

There was the exact same thing in the beginning of Aikatsu! Ichigo made a too long sign and they said it’ll take too much time and it’ll be a bother. But she trained to be able to do it super fast and kept it. Again, choosing a sign is something typical, so I don’t think they actually copied it.
It’s sad they got over it so fast too:
Kuma: It’s too long
Laala: Don’t worry I’ll do it fast
Kuma: Well ok
It’s like they just wanted to check that point on a “typical things you need to do in an idol show” list. There was no real point to this scene besides filling up the pseudo plothole that Laala still haven’t decided on a sign.
Character development wise this episode wasn’t as boring as the others though. It does make sense Mireille feels left out. Laala is her first real friend so now that they’re three it doesn’t feel the same.

EDIT: I just remembered there was a “design Laala’s signature” contest before the show began. The winning signature would appear in the show. Like the dress design contests. They put this scene in to show the signature that won.

prad5 1328prad5 1329 prad5 1330prad5 1332 prad5 1333prad5 1334 prad5 1335prad5 1336 prad5 1337prad5 1338 prad5 1339prad5 1340 prad5 1341

Hanana was voiced by Shitaya Noriko.
Also yfw Chanko x Sophie yuri doujins

prad5 1345 prad5 1346

SoLaMi SMILE… SoRa wo Mite waratte/look at the sky and laugh. It’s a pretty mediocre name. It doesn’t have impact. They could have thought up something better.
I bet if Ayane Sakura worked on the show she would have mocked it saying stuff like salami smile during the recording session.

prad5 1347

Also here we go rewinds again. Need to buy a few seconds each episode.

prad5 1348 prad5 1349

Wow new Sairum dresses huh. Guess they’re gonna change them every cour as expected.

prad5 1353

Wow I guess they finally remembered her.
I hate it in anime when they feature every character in episode 1 and make them drop cryptic one liners. Or make them drink coffee in front of a big window while Gendoposing and saying “the battle is starting” (I’m happy G reco didn’t do that btw). I can excuse it when said characters appears in the next few episodes, but here that was just shameful. They pretty much went “Hey guys we still have a mysterious girl for plot so keep watching” Faruru’s literally nothing more than plot device for now. And even then that’s over gratifying her since they didn’t even hint what they plan to do with her.

prad5 1354 prad5 1355 prad5 1357

People into crying lolis will be happy about this.

prad5 1358

Still look unimpressive.

prad5 1359

And with that Usagi gonna manage the rival girls.

prad5 1360prad5 1363 prad5 1364prad5 1365

New glowstick dresses are cute.

prad5 1369prad5 1373 prad5 1374prad5 1375


prad5 1376prad5 1377

MY SIDES. 神の一手/Kami no itte is an actual Go term so it”s not a Hikaru no Go refernce. Or maybe they decided to use it in purpose because of Hikaru no Go. Anyway.

prad5 1378 prad5 1379 prad5 1380

Wow she’s been champion for five years.

prad5 1384

The  time has come for Shion.
Pretty much nothing happened in this episode, besides the Mireille being lonely thing and  Shion’s pre introduction at the end. It was just the aftermath of the climax and Sophie properly joining and the team creation. I highly doubt Hanana ever gonna appear again too.

Opening 2

prad5 op201

Laala should do this for real and erase her real self and stay transformed forever. Mireille should stay untransformed forever.

prad5 op202prad5 op203 prad5 op204prad5 op205

I really like Shion’s pose. Would be cool if she actually pose like that in the show.

prad5 op206

They’re giving more prominence to Faruru in the OP so maybe she’ll actually get introduced now. If it was Pretty Rhythm, or any other show really, I would have called her final boss already. With the way she’s portrayed in the OP and all, that’s definitely what they’re going for. But she’ll be the final boss of what? Final fluffiness? There’s STILL no real big story in PriPara after all. I guess they’ll just introduce her and become friends, and then they’ll reveal she’s actually Kami Aidoru and a robot with no emotions created only to become the perfect idol with a Prism Voice imitation until Laala appears, and then Laala gonna beat her and teach her there’s also cool things in life like pizza. Then they’ll say she’s actually just a normal girl acting like a robot, and that the key in her back is part of her dress. I believe that as the brand she wears is Marionnette Mu, marionnette is puppet in French.

prad5 op207

Faruru gonna got her own mascot manager. Cool.

prad5 op208prad5 op208.5

They’re changing clothes for the new cour just like in Pretty Rhythm seasons.

prad5 op209.1prad5 op209.2 prad5 op209.3prad5 op209.4

prad5 op209

Shion looks great. Would be nice if they add a scene of them CG dancing in the OP.

prad5 op210prad5 op211prad5 op212

Kinda sucks they put CG but used it for stills. I guess they didn’t want to draw the glowstick dresses in 2D, or they were asked to show them in 3D for game promotional purposes. Would be cool if they replace it with dancing CG later.

prad5 op213

Is she gonna be smug and act high and mighty toward Usagi and Kuma? They both have long names and are mascot aristocracy or something so maybe she’s even higher and like a queen.

prad5 op214prad5 op215

Classic girl crying shot.

prad5 op216prad5 op217 prad5 op218prad5 op220

Yay Rabu chan is in the OP. And Nao. Poor Nao. I knew you’d be irrelevant after your forced drama pool episode. I pity your fate.
And then mfw Nao is actually Faruru.

prad5 op221prad5 op222

Her eyes are scary. She got the same dead eyes as her mascot.

prad5 op223prad5 op224prad5 op225prad5 op227

prad5 op230

prad5 op299

prad5 op232

Overall the animation sequence’s okay. It’s nothing impressive. I think it’s a little bit less impressive than the first one.
They’re following the pattern I made up for Pretty Rhythm OPs. Odd numbered OPs have no CG(or barely) and even number OPs have CG in them. I was expecting dancing CG scenes instead of just stills though.
Judging from the OP, besides rival girls and Faruru they aren’t planning to introduce any new character in this second cour. I really hope Shion makes the show better. My hopes rest on her now that Sophie’s turn has passed and didn’t really make things better.

Episode 14

prad5 1401

Okay so there’s finally starting to include some sort of rough draft of story. They’ll just keep collecting paradise coords as their goal and aim for Kami Aidoru. Kinda weird how  even Mireille acts surprised about them but I guess it’s a case of let’s explain stuff we already know for the viewer’s sake. Gotta admit I didn’t get Kuma’s 7LDK joke. It’s probably not that funny anyway, like the 194/IKUYO jump/let’s jump joke. Apparently 7LDK is a company dealing with houses or something, so maybe it’s also jargon for designing a nice big apartment. I dunno.

prad5 14 shion clothes prad5 14 shion room

Shion’s clothes and her room’s floor are arranged like go stones.

prad5 1403prad5 1404 prad5 1405prad5 1406

For some reason I though about Brain getting angry from Pinky and the Brain or some other American anime. Like, “I will have my revenge!!” pose while trembling and throwing a tantrum like a little kid.  From her personality I didn’t expect her to have a grudge against Mireille because of a childish reason like that.  But why not I guess. Also I really like how she always pose with her white go stone.

prad5 1407 prad5 1408


prad5 1409 prad5 1410

Dat smugface. Shion is much more understandable than what I expected. Well, they really help by writing the Yojijukugo on sceren and even include furigana. Plus she always repeat what she means in simpler terms. Plus the ones she uses are the most popular ones you probably already heard in anime. Her “let’s igo” catchphrase is fun too. This is nothing compared  to the time when Serenon first appeared in Aurora Dream. It was my first time watching something entirely raw with kansaiben and it was rough.
There’s a list of Yojijukugo here.

prad5 1411

Her sidetail kinda look like Sonic.

prad5 1412prad5 1413 prad5 1414prad5 1415 prad5 1416

Besides the analysis to choose the best brand she does here, there’s been multiple occasions in Pretty Rhythm where Akaii Meganee really literately sees everything about a person and their background, just by looking at them. That’s one of the reasons I started the Akaii Meganee is true final boss joke.

prad5 1417prad5 1418prad5 1419

Guards girls are still here. Also you can’t see it in those screnshots because I’m lazy to take another one but there’s Laala and co’s dresses in the shop.

prad5 1420 prad5 1421 prad5 1422

Dat sonic sidetail. Those eyes. Shion is the new hotness.
Also her dress is different from the one you can see in the eyecatchs and the promo material. Same for Dorothy and Leona. They’ll probably change later.

prad5 1423

They also need to try and make better jokes.

prad5 1424 prad5 1425

Eeh I didn’t expect her to say such things. The world is divised between winners and loosers etc. It’s more because of her obsession with Go rather than out of malice though. I wonder if eh’ll ever change her views. Maybe when she’ll loose to Laala once.

prad5 1426

See, they even did the Mireille don’t even remember the grudge thing. Even they know it’s a petty reason. It’s all on purpose.

noir 3 mireille

Speaking of Mireille, Noir last week was pretty good. Episode 3. It’s the subtle point where Mireille (and the watchers) start realizing Kirika is actually way stronger than her. That popcorn casino scene is amazing.

prad5 1427 prad5 1428

Why are they having a picnic in front of the entrance. They’re blocking the way.

prad5 1429 prad5 1430 prad5 1431prad5 shion smile

Gotta admit Usagi is pretty intelligent. I wonder if he’ll change someday and treasure his idols a little bit instead of only thinking of his personal gain. Basically if he’ll become like Kuma. If I ever meet Shion I just need to tell her SHIPPU DOUTOU and TENKA MUSOU and then she’ll marry me right.

prad5 1432 prad5 1433

I think it’s a pretty good idea that they’re making the three of them team up as they dislike Laala and co. It’s a refreshing idea. All the teams in Pretty Rhythm were consisted of people who were already friends by the time they made the team. Exception being Prizmmy in DMF. I hope they manage to give them good character development and show how they’ll switch from allies with common interests to true friends.

prad5 1434prad5 1435 prad5 1436prad5 1437

Cool eyecatchs. I’m not a fan of Dorothy’s kiss gesture. She’s not ugly though.

prad5 1438 prad5 1439

Yeah she’s cute. Her personality isn’t though.

prad5 1440prad5 1441 prad5 1442prad5 1443

Shion is right, Leona is more attractive than Dorothy. Shion is the best by far though.

prad5 1444

What do they mean, her voice is perfect, she should totally sing like that. I’m sick of overly cute singing.

prad5 1445prad5 1446 prad5 1447

WOW TRULY A GO NEWTYPE. DAT POSING. DAT EVERYTHING. That scene was pretty cool. Shion’s genuineness level is as high as Sophie’s.

prad5 14 shion thighs everyday cosplay sitting full stolen from a thread

>Deep manly voice
>Healthy legs

Shion is a profound and deep autocritic of how the current anime industry is only about naked girls and moe crap with skinny legs and highly acute voices.

prad5 1448

So cute.

prad5 1449

I was pretty surprised too when she started dancing while citing the go emplacements her feet goes.

 prad5 1450prad5 1451

That’s a really cool idea having her do everything through Go. I still can’t say I’m satisfied with PriPara in general but at least they’re doing an excellent job with Shion. She’s becoming my favorite instead of Sophie. I’m really looking forward to how she’ll develop. My guess is her biggest change will be when she learns the sensation of loosing for the first time. As for the other two, Leona will probably learn to be independent from Dorothy as her character development. And Dorothy will just learn to stop being a bitch I guess.

prad5 1452 prad5 1453

KYAAAAAAAAAH AKAII MEGANII SAMA. Seems Dorothy and Leona really like him. Maybe Shion will too.

prad5 1454


prad5 1455prad5 1456 prad5 1457prad5 1458

Eeeh so that’s how he gives songs to people huh. Direct transfer to their PriPasses. They need to do more world building stuff like that.

prad5 1459 prad5 1460


prad5 14 nanami on game screen

There was Nanami’s game version in the game screen zoom scene.

prad5 1461

Now that was funny.

prad5 1462prad5 1463 prad5 1464prad5 1465

They should have totally gone with PAAFEKTO as team name.

prad5 1466 prad5 1467

DORESSHINGU PAFÉ. It’s not super impactful either but it’s way better than Salami Smile. It was fun the way they found the name and repeated it too. I think I’m gonna really like the dynamism between Shion and the twins.

prad5 1468prad5 1469 prad5 1470prad5 1471


prad5 1472prad5 1473

Dorothy you bitch lemme have my Go themed Making Drams plz. Also I was thinking the same as Shion, “there’s still more stuff about learning PriPara?!” but not that way. In one episode, they made her go through all the things Laala and co did in 13 episodes. That’s pretty much a good way to sum up how I feel about PriPara’s first cour.

prad5 1474

Nice face there.

prad5 1475


prad5 1476 prad5 1477

They look pretty cool.

prad5 1478prad5 1479prad5 1480prad5 1481

I think Shion keeps that stone in her pocket.

prad5 1483 prad5 1484 prad5 1485

They didn’t show a transformation sequence for them, only the mic part. That sucks, I really wanted to see it. Maybe the CG team didn’t finish it in time.

prad5 1486

It’s nice they actually changed the background to fit their style.

prad5 1487prad5 1488 prad5 1489prad5 1490 prad5 1491prad5 1492 prad5 1493prad5 1494 prad5 1495prad5 1496 prad5 1497prad5 1498 prad5 1499prad5 14100

They’re choreography is pretty nice. Their outfits looks good too, as opposed to some of Laala’s outfits.

prad5 14101prad5 14102 prad5 14103prad5 14104 prad5 14105prad5 14106

Pretty cool performance.

prad5 14107

DAT SMILE. I really love Shion’s smile. She got the right to smile like that, her skills are amazing. It reminds me of that smug smile face Bell always had during her jumps. That arrogant, but justified smile, as she was the best and strongest.

prad5 14108 prad5 14109 prad5 14110

A little bit of recycled motion from Ann and Wakana’s Prism Lives.

prad5 14111 prad5 14112 prad5 14113

The beginning is recycled bits from Naru’s Prism Live motion.

prad5 14114 prad5 14115 prad5 14116

Leona’s looks completely new. Apparently there was a thread on 2ch arguing that she’s actually holding another guitar, not a bass. I honestly have no idea as I literally don’t know anything about instruments.

prad5 14117

Stereo Zenkai niisan ga rock. 23 ga Rock? 2 3 ga 6? Not sure if there’s a hidden meaning there.

prad5 14118 prad5 14119 prad5 14120

They didn’t explain her glowstick dress change before the live. Nice thing she’s a genius and instinctively figured it out by herself.

prad5 14121prad5 14122 prad5 14123prad5 14124 prad5 14125prad5 14126 prad5 14127prad5 14128 prad5 14129prad5 14130 prad5 14131prad5 14132

I expected Laala and co watching to go “wow they’re so strong how are we gonna beat them” typical pattern of idol shows when the rival group appears but seems they aren’t going that route.

prad5 14134

prad5 14135

>Usagi’s counterattack

prad5 14136prad5 14137 prad5 14138prad5 14139

Dat Shion posing.

prad5 14140

Hell yeah.
I don’t think we’ll see Laala and co and Shion and co teaming up for the last cour. Unless they plan on releasing a update to the arcade game where you can do six person teams. Maybe shuffle teams though.

Ending 2

prad5 14141

I was expecting the 2nd ED to be real life as well. I was right. In case you forgot, It’s already been confirmed the third ED will be real life as well, featuring the little girl who won the Dream Girl Audition contest. So this was the last chance for a 2D ED animation in PriPara’s first season.


prad5 14142 prad5 14143prad5 14144

Wow Are they gonna do a battle?! I’m betting on Shion winning.

PriPara’s 1st cour impressions

This episode 14 was really really great. Made me regain hope in the show. Shion is my new favorite.  They literally managed to make me like her more than all the others in only one episode. I have faith they can still make the show better because otherwise those first 13 episodes were really mediocre(except for the hilarious episode 7)

The reason I always compare PriPara to Pretty Rhythm is to show my view as someone who watched all of Pretty Rhythm, as the show is it’s spiritual successor. It’s not because I think PriPara would be like Pretty Rhythm. The hybrid genre of heroines striving for success in sports and love that Pretty Rhythm pretty much revived, is now dead again.

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you should know that before PriPara even started, I knew full well it wouldn’t be like Pretty Rhythm: No romance, no boys, no over the top so ridiculous it’s awesome drama, no melodrama(Ito in RL), no suffering, no incredible twists, no awesome parents (except for Mireille’s), no RIDING A LION ON THE PEAK OF A MOUNTAIN, etc.
The only things I had doubts on, was how much of a role Akaii Meganii would play, since they made him specifically for the show, and if there would be ridiculous amazing Making Dramas just like how over the top ridiculous some Prism Jumps were. Akaii Meganii barely appeared in this first cour, and definitly isn’t as fun as Hiro or Jun, so I’m starting to wonder why they even added him. They could have jsut replaced him by a gachapon machine giving out songs. Maybe he’ll actually turn into final boss later.  As for the Making Dramas, they’re cool and feel like Prism Acts in CG, but there’s way too few of them compared to Prism Jumps. And the only ridiculous amazing Making Drama was MACARON DONUTS RAINBOW KARTING.

To continue on my Pretty Rhythm comparisons, slow first cours are also something in Pretty Rhythm. Aurora Dream is slow until Mion, Dear My Future’s first cour is the worst, and while Rainbow Live’s 1st cour is also slow, it’s the best among the three, thanks to episodes like the boys dance battle. The thing is, AD’s first cour got tons of promising plot points that’ll make you keep watching, like Aira’s mom being fat. And the show becomes good and stays good once Mion joins. DMF is the worst like I just said, but it doesn’t count, as you’re supposed to watch DMF after AD, you should know it’ll get much better. Only an idiot would drop DMF on it’s first cour after seeing how amazing the end of AD is.  When you compare those to PriPara’s first cour, it’s certainly the best one in terms of luring in viewers.  However it’s also the one with the least content and the least exciting. PriPara’s first cour pulls you in but then doesn’t promise you candy to make you stay.

This first cour went exactly as everyone expected before the show even started:
Sophie joined at the end, they introduced the rival girls at the end, Usagi got fired and joined the rivals. The thing I’m the most disappointed about is how episode 11-12 turned out. That cour climax full of forced drama was a huge downer. I never felt something was forced drama when watching Pretty Rhythm, even Rainbow Live. They could have done tons of more exciting things instead of “oh no suddenly Sophie can’t join us”. Like actually focus on the Grand Prix thing for example. In the end Laala, Mireille and Sophie won it, but we don’t even know how. Which leads to the next part:

There’s a huge lack of world building in PriPara. There’s a ton of things they haven’t explained. After episode 1’s explanation that Purichike magically appears to little girls at a certain point in life, they haven’t bothered to do anything to expand the universe’s lore. How are Laala and Shion going to fight next week? There’s no rating/competition system. There’s the “iine” thing from the game that they mentioned when Laala and Mireille ranked up, and we know that you need a lot to level up, but that’s it. They also haven’t said what exactly is Prism Voice, yet Kuma (and Faruru) keep saying “wow what an amazing Prism Voice” when watching Laala sing, as if we already know what it is.Speaking of Faruru:

Why the hell they made her not appear for 12 episodes? There’s a huge lack of supporting characters in the show. They don’t appear enough. I guess it’s normal that since the main characters themselves are mediocre, the side characters are even more. Non isn’t really doing anything so far. Eiko’s tennis clubmates still haven’t said anything else than “hello”. Eiko herself only reappeared in the rabu chan episode.  Nanami never appeared again. Nao disappeared after her forced pool drama. At least they’re making Sophie’s guards stay, but I wonder how many episodes it’ll take before they disappear.
The only good side character so far is Cosmo.

Anywyay, after seeing how good episode 14 was, I really hoping the show will be more interesting now. Really looking forward to this second cour.


prad5 0954prad3 14 rinne 01

In the episode 9 flashback Cosmo was wearing Rinne’s dress in RL’s 2nd cour. Thanks Vicky.

Episode 17 will be an halloween episode.

prad5 key visual everyone normal prad5 key visual everyone glowstickprad5 faruru key visualprad5 everyone stolen from avex site

New key visuals. They also say Faruru will appear regularly starting 2nd cour.

prad5 tower record cardboards laala mireille sophie ann

Tower record cardboards.

prad5 dvd cover 1 sample

1st dvd cover.

prad5 shion by odeco

Shion drawn by Odeco

prad5 halloween poster stolen from twitter DelMiy8817

Stolen from twitter full version of that poster I mentioned in a previous post.

Character Song CD gonna get released the 26th of November. I’m not interested but stumbled into it so might as well post about it.

Cd song list: 【収録曲】CD:
1.ま〜ぶるMake up a-ha-ha!
2.太陽のflare sherbet
3.Pretty Prism Paradise!!!
4.メッセージbyらぁら (messages by Laala and co. drama cd like stuff)
7.ま〜ぶるMake up a-ha-ha!(inst)
8.太陽のflare sherbet(inst)
9.Pretty Prism Paradise!!!(inst)

(Yeah, just lazily copypasted. My lack of motivation to cover Pripara related merchandise shows)

The 4th of October there was also some live event at tower record in Machida, doesn’t seem like anything interesting. Seems Salami Smile did a short live.

prad5 october small event

According to Animate, they all said their characters’ lines. Kuboto Miyu/Sophie said the “were you good kotorichantachis? I wasn’t a good kotorichantachi…” line, and the audience went cool! like in the anime.

A PriPara 2015 calendar got released the 27th of September. There’s a book that got released the 9th of October too, not sure what it’s about.

prad5 faruru official site description

They released Faruru’s page on the official site. They also posted stuff on Animate but contrary to the time with Shion and co, the Animate article says the exact same thing as the official site. She’s voiced by Akasaki Chinatsu. The description says:

A mysterious girl which nothing is known about. After seeing Laala’s live who debuted in PriPara after a series of coincidences,  she could tell that Laala was an owner of the legendary prism voice. Dancing, fashion sense and prism voice, she possess all the best qualities required to be an idol (Faruru, not Laala).

Basically it doesn’t say anything I couldn’t have guessed already.

I’m not the only one thinking she may be a robot, there was a thread about it on 2ch according to matome sites. People think she is one because of the key on her back, the button on her chest and the rewind fast forwards buttons on the hem of her dress. I still think she’s actually not a robot and all the stuff is actually part of her costume. Like I said, marionnette is puppet in French, so Marionette Mu must be a brand about clothes making you look like robot and dolls.

prad5 faruru stolen from avex site

They also added a Faruru background on the avex site.

prad5 school 04

I don’t really watch Japanese TV shows anymore, lack of time and interest, I used to watch them a lot with my siblings. Mainly to have fun watching ads and mock them rather than for the shows themselves though. I gotta admit I did start to genuinely like a few shows after a while though. Pretty much what I do with Kpop these days, except I’ll never end up genuinely liking it. Kpop boys band music videos are pretty much a new form of comedy to me. It’s pretty much like Pretty Rhythm in a sense. Over the top ridiculousness. Except unlike in Pretty Rhythm they’re not doing it in purpose. After having a good laugh I feel sad about all these teenagers living lives like that. There’s a lot of overworking and exploitation scandals too.
Anyway, remember in my PriPara School post about how I said the interviews and visit of the Tatsunoko studio were all staged? it’s something  pretty common in Japanese tv shows. Everything is scripted, the laughs, the questions and answers etc. There’s an actual name for it but I forgot. Was it kekkasho? kekkasomething. One thing I always wondered is if they do it too for big popular shows like SMAP X SMAP, in particular when they invite non Japanese guests not accustomed to it. My sister’s opinion is that most of the time these guests don’t stay long and have a very busy schedule anyway, so they only tell them roughly what they’ll do on the show, instead of literraly scripting everything. I also wonder about Ainori, if everything was scirpted or not. I could probably find the answer by googling a bit but I’m not really interested in the end so I’m not gonna do it.

5 thoughts on “PriPara – 12&13&14&stuff

  1. Alice

    Hi! I really love your blog and have stalked it through Pretty Rhythm and now Pripara. I’m intrested in the pripara album cd, do you know where to buy or booking it? (I know it will be out 26 November but just want to know) // Alice

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      I guess on CDJapan. Here.
      CDJapan is a good choice for games&CDs but books, manga, etc are overpriced there though. There’s reviews about them on the net if you google a bit.
      Also if you’re short on money or not particularly in a hurry, I recommend waiting until the show is over. They’ll probably release a big album box with all the songs then, like what they’re doing with Pretty Rhythm. It’ll be more pricey, but less pricey than buying them separately. I recommend doing that, unless you wanna collection every separate single and album and the small bonuses in them like the bonus purichikes.
      Same thing with the DVDs.


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