Muhammad Ali passes away

muhammad ali Allah is the greatest interview

Was pretty fun how tons of well known racists against blacks or islamophobes French politicians went out to say stuff like “we lost a great guy” etc. The same politicians who call “radicalized” or “communotarist” anyone who currently do the same thing as Muhammad Ali, condemning and denouncing the government’s or the media’s racism. Trump tweeting about it was hilarious too.

I don’t really watch TV so only saw one or two reports of his death on French TVmedia, but most of them completely missed the point or/and really didn’t accentuate enough how he was a Muslim and fighting racism etc. And seeing the climate of state&media islamophobia currently in France I definitely think it was on purpose. They said stuff like he joined Nation of Islam without mentioning how it was a scam sect and not real Islam and how he got into real Islam later. They talk about how he got stripped of his champion titles without saying that’s because he said he’s not gonna go kill Vietnamese people who never did anything bad to him. While Americans keep being racist and treat him and others like trash. And how he was already at war in America anyway, and would rather die fighting racist Americans than die in Vietnam, and that he doesn’t care going to jail because he and others blacks are already in jail in america for 400 years.
They mentioned how “he had an oversized ego” without getting the point that it was an act as a boxer, without mentioning interviews when he said stuff like “Allah is the greatest and I’m just the greatest boxer”. They mentioned his match against Foreman without mentioning his interview after it where he said “I proved that Allah is God”. They mentioned how he refused that his star be put in Hollywood boulevard, without precising that’s it’s just on a wall, because he said “I bear the name of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and it is impossible that I allow people to trample over his name”.

In short I don’t think french media accentuate enough that he was someone who never backed down in fear of loosing money or his career etc and who always fought for peace& the sake  of others black and/or muslims like him and everyone else victim of racism. And I think french media does this in purpose so most people won’t realize how french politicians are full of racism or islamophobia, left or right parties alike.

French politicians are currently trying to better their image. They know the world currently has it’s eyes on France, with the floods in Paris&it’s region and with Soccer Euro 2016 starting soon. (I’m not affected by the floods don’t worry, though I am skipping classes a lot these days because of trains affected by it). Also for now I haven’t seen any French politicians running for presidency wish Muslims a happy Ramadan or stuff like that. Doing it right now would be politically suicidal. They would be accused of “communotarism”. Speaking of stuff like that, I still remember how hilarious it was when a few years ago Jean-François Copé, a right politician well known for his hate of Muslims, married an “arab looking” woman, and then published an official paper saying I DIDN’T CONVERT TO ISLAM DON’T WORRY GUYS KEEP VOTING FOR ME PLZ.

g reco 11 kurimu nikku 01 g reco 11 kurimu nikku 02

Part of the reason why Tensai Klim was so best boy. Too bad Sukari barely gets screentime in Kabaneri because it’s only one cour.

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” is a worldwide known quote by Muhammad Ali including in Japan.”蝶のように舞い蜂のように刺す”. The first time I realized that was when I saw Excellen from SRW OG use it. Her seiyuu Mizutani Yuuko died a few days ago, and now Muhammad Ali died too. Stuff like this makes you realize anyone can die anytime.

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