4 French journalists held in Syria freed

orange road artist くじら軍曹 post


It’s super cool and I’m happy for their families and co-workers. Now the reason I’m writing about this is because yet again I was astonished by the lack of professionalism of French news channels regarding the case.

First off, there’s the fact that these news channel tend to announce whatever they hear without confirming it first, (I might even say sometimes they report their own fantasies),  for the sake of being the first one to announce it. Like little kids.
When the liberation of the four journalists was announced by François Hollande, every news channel reported the fact that the journalists were brought to their liberation point blindfolded and with their hands cuffed. (They were released near the Turkish border or whatever, not giving details on this because that’s not my point)
However this was denied when one of the ex-hostages, Nicolas Hénin, in his first allocution to the media after his release, said that “we crossed the border with our heads uncovered and with our hands in our pockets”.
This is obvious, but I’m saying it just in case: I’m not trying to say that their detention conditions weren’t harsh or anything, that’s not my point. I’m talking about the media’s (intentional?) stupidity.

The second awe inducing thing is the fact that when the ex-hostages told the fact that some of their keepers spoke French, every French news channel interpreted this and reported this as the fact that some of their keepers were French citizens.
When I heard this I could literally hear Onsokumaru and his Wakamoto Norio voice saying “馬鹿かお前!?” in my head. I was like huh? Are they that stupid?
They never heard about Canada or Belgium? They never heard that France’s history is one of the bloodiest, with the modern consequence that more than half of Africa speaks French?

As far as I know the French government haven’t reported until now that there was indeed French citizens among the ones jailing the hostages. Laurent Fabius, the minister of Foreign Affairs, only said that “some of the jailers spoke French”.
I can’t believe the number of absurdities they say every day. Thankfully not all French journalists are stupid, as Europe1 (who is coincidentally where two of the ex-hostages journalists work) wrote an article about how it isn’t rare at all to find French speaking people among the various terrorists groups currently in Syria, and how it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re French citizens in any way.

Sadly, it’s true there’s kids getting brainwashed and going there to get killed. However I’m pretty sure it’s less than what the media tries to make us think. The government just announced a new plan against this. The French minister of internal affairs just got appointed and this is the first thing he announced… As always they’re getting their priorities backward and make a huge deal out of “Muslim kids getting radicalized”. They have tons of other problems to solve like unemployment, the country’s debt and whatever, but nope, they decide to put effort on this. Well it’s true, these kids are important for their families, and it’s sad for them, but it’s also their families themselves who should first look after them so they don’t become ignorant about their own religion and get brainwashed into stupid.

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Pretty Rhythm news&twitter 04/20/2014 edition

prad3 episode 39 storyboard illustration

Storyboard illustration cover of episode 39 tweeted by the Director.

Director posted on Twitter some new revelations on Pretty Rhythm’s background.
Post isn’t too long but put the read more to hide the spoilers about Rainbow Live.
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Random stuff about Nobunaga The Fool part 2

artist 犬良おう captain marika and captain domdom post moreso


Part 1

Posting a random unrelated picture as always, I don’t want to waste time trying to take a screenshot or find something that would fit here. Though it’s actually not that unrelated as Mouretsu Pirates and Nobunaga The Fool share staff.
The post is short but I still put a read more as I’ll spoil things up to episode 14 included.

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第3次スーパーロボット大戦Z 時獄篇 GET

srw z3


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Pretty Rhythm news & twitter 13th April 2014 edition

prad3 music collection juné special cover

They revealed the Juné switchable cover you get if you preorder the DX version of the music collection album.

Someone asked Director if the Pair Tomo in Rainbow Live can transform into instruments whenever they want or if they can only do it during Prism Shows. He answered that Pair Tomo transforming are the embodiment of their owner’s “melody/sound of the heart” and act like a booster for it. He doesn’t think there’s much use for that in daily life though. (Explains how Starn becomes the baton or a guitar depending on what Juné wants)

Some of those useless, pointless and stupid internet anime polls has Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live at the top. The butthurt in the comments is hilarious.

prad3 rental dvd cover rainbow

If you put side by side all the Rainbow Live rental DVD you get a rainbow.

prad3 movie screening 12th april group cosplayprad3 movie screening hiro cosplay prad3 event rinne crab cosplayprad3 movie screening otoha naru cosplay by twitter trude_alice

Some of the pics retweeted by the staff on Twitter. Go check director’s twitter for all the pics. They are cosplayed fans at the 12th of April movie screening. They also broadcasted the full version of Athletic Core at the screening. The Hiro guy is pretty handsome in my opinion. Apparently there was a flock of girls around him too.

prad3 tower record machida juné cardboard prad3 tower record machida juné cardboard

At Tower Record Machida. Juné sure is cute.

prad3 arcade game ad mion juné duo

Screenshot of a All Star Selection arcade game ad. I think it aired during PRASS ep2.
Juné and Mion are so cute.

Some random info in the Prince Animage I managed to find:
Coo/Rei’s birthday: 8th of August(Leo)
Jin’s birthday 18th of July  (Cancer)
There’s stuff about Jin and Hijiri being half brothers and the whole story of their parents but I can’t make sense out of it right now. I should post about it again later.

CG director said he finished Dark Souls 2. They also had a karaoke contest with all the staff two weeks ago.

prad3 event psyllium type glow sticks

He also said that maybe he’ll reproduce this kind of glowstick effect in Puri Para. There were already some glowsticks in Juné’s performance in episode 33 of Rainbow Live but they were all the same color and synchronized. I think he’ll try to give it a more realistic feel with them moving independently or something.

Matsuura Mai/Odeco is a Patlabor fan like me, she retweeted a lot of things related to the Ingram parade event.
I should actually look around for more news for the live action. Somehow while I’m really happy something new related to Patlabor is happening, I’m kinda not hyped about it. The series is pretty much perfect and very satisfying and I’m not craving for more.
I don’t remember much from it. It’s one of the first shows I ever saw as a kid, and the first mecha anime I have memories of, so maybe I’m nostalgic about it too.
I used to think I’d get to pilot a giant robot one day too if I became unbeatable at games. I saw the movies around ten years ago, but I remember them even less, I think I didn’t directly watch them, but more like watched my brother watch them, while playing or whatever.
I have never rewatched the series. It’ll be one of the first shows I watch with my wife if I ever get married, hahahaha.

prad3 boys odeco high school jin prad3 boys odeco over the rainbowprad3 odeco otoha no PRR no life

She also drew a few pics these past days. The Over The Rainbow one is the design of some postcard that will be handed out at some event. I put the Otoha one in full size because she looks cute.

Lastly, there’s going to be some sort of Pretty Rhythm x Aikatsu x Tamagochi x Youkai Watch event organized by Tv Tokyo. Gotta admit it’s 2am right now so I’ll probably edit the post later once I my brain is functional.

All Star Selection episode 2

prad4 02

At least this week the SD part was a little bit funny. Mia’s smug expression is pretty well done. Speaking of which it’s interesting to note Mia’s SD character is the one with the most expressions & movements, following her hyperactive personality.

prad4 02 02

Lala says she’s in fifth grade of elementary school. So she’s 10 or 11 years old. That’s another new thing compared to Pretty Rhythm as Aira, Miya and Naru are all 14 at the beginning of their respective seasons.

prad2 op 1 g gundam op
While they broadcasted the first episode of Dear My Future, they used the improved version of the first OP that premieres in episode 4 of DMF. (The differences are the added CG scenes of Reina, Karin and Ayami)

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Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection – 01

prad4 02

Well I was expecting something like 90% rewind and 10% new stuff, with the different characters commenting on the scenes, but I didn’t expect them to completely replay whole episodes.

prad4 03

At least they didn’t just put the episode’s VHS into the reader and pressed play, since they changed the credits.

prad4 01

The different members of the staff need time to rest and/or prepare Puri Para. Pretty Rhythm has been airing nonstop for three years now. They could have just stopped the show for now but I guess MONEY MONEY MONEY and McDonald makes them unable to just stop it. So they decided to do All Star Selection for now. Plus they use it to hype up Lala. The first event related to the “participate to Lala’s debut” thing I mentioned some time ago is how fans will be able to send by mail outfits designs she could wear in Puri Para.

prad4 lala outfit design raw

You print this then draw your outfit design on it then send it.

I guess episodes 2 and 3 will be DMF and RL’s first episodes. Then maybe we’ll see something a bit new. Not getting my hopes up though.  If all 13 episodes end up being replays of episodes, I wonder which episodes they’ll choose. I just hope they don’t spoil the best twists like Chicken Tarou. SD Jun and Shi Yoon needs to show up soon, they need to spice up those SD discussions a bit and do some jokes or it’s gonna be really boring. It was nice seeing Jun again but I don’t think I’ll actually rewatch all of the replayed episodes. Feels like a waste of time. I wish I could play the arcade game for now to satisfy my Pretty Rhythm needs. This video was for the Duo update some months ago already. The All Star Selection update will be the 17th of April.
I’m an optimist, so at least I guess thanks to All Star Selection being recap I won’t need to spend that much time on blogging  and I’ll have more time to play SRW Z3 next weekend.

I’d like to see the faces of all the little girls who will see MARs Phoenix for the first time in DMF episode 1 next week.

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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live episodes 49-51 staff tweets + news

artist shin prad3 49 juné post


What the show director, some staff people, and some fans tweeted these past three weeks. The director tweeted a lot of things about his work on Pretty Rhythm in general.
There’s also merchandise news if you’re interested. I’ll use this occasion to post some fanart too. This post is the longest one I ever wrote and has a lot of pictures so if we were back in 2001 I would have put “Slow modem warning” in the title.

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