Jerusalem, edgiest place on earth

The video’s title made me chuckle for obvious reasons.
Come to think of it, when I first learned the way the word edgy is used on the net, probably after reading something related to Akame Ga Kill or whatever, one of the first things I thought of is Israel.

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Gundam G No Reconguista is airing on Nolife every friday

g reco best girl eyecatch gif
Stolen gif of the show’s best girl

They started airing the show this week. Every Friday at 7:45 PM. This is why I give them 5€ every month. Yet again, Nolife is one of the few things making me proud to be French.
(The channel is free but if you subscribe on their website you can watch online everything they did since the channel started more than 7 years ago, except anime they aired since they don’t have the rights)

This is the show I’m liking the most this season, even more than Cross Ange and SeHa Girls, and my enjoyments of these shows is already past 100%. I hate to say it but if someone says they don’t like the show because it’s confusing at first it’s because they’re impatient. While the exposition is old school and it’s something we may not be accustomed to anymore, everything is explained slowly as the episodes goes on. If you’re wondering about something in one episode it’ll probably be answered to in the next.  You just need to be patient.

g reco best girl power

Everything is just so good in G Reco. From the characters to the story to the universe. And the comedy. I’m still laughing at the cinnamon cake line, or how Bell apologizes to Aida because he told her something she knows, implying he only said that for the audience so people don’t whine again. I’m liking everyone. I really like Manny(and quite butthurt mad she cuts her hair), Steer girl, the nurse helping them put on the pilotsuits, Bell’s mom being so awesome, Aida’s dad being so cool, KURIMU NIKKU, MIKKU JAKKU… So many great characters. I’ll be pretty butthurt if people start dying. I’m already still super butthurt about episode 6.

g reco 9 steer girl

Speaking of Steer girl, she’s credited as “ステア”, voiced by ミシェル・ユミコ・ペイン. I’m actually wondering if Sutea/Steer isn’t actually her name. Maybe they did it on purpose, I dunno. Not gonna check/search myself. I already have my hands full trying to cover Pretty Rhythm background/staff info etc. Plus, literally everyone and their dog are already translating the G Reco twitter, interviews, and every material ever so I’ll just wait to get spoonfed. I’m mostly refraining from reading material from now, I want to discover everything myself. I’ll start reading when the show ends.
Quickly googling in japanese tells me Steer girl’s seiyuu is half japanese half australian, explaining her good FIRE FIRE FIRE pronunciation. Also apparently she’s a singer and not a regular seiyuu.
(Speaking of that, the episode(s) Pretty Rhythm director works on still haven’t aired, so when he said it’s not airing anytime soon, he meant it. Maybe one of the end eps. Also, it’s not his first time working on Gundam, he did some stuff on Turn A and Unicorn)

I wish I made a post sooner because now with episode 9 and how they start to reveal more things there’s less things to guess about and more things we’re almost certain of unless they do a last minute twist.
Some of the things I have in mind though:
Noredo is actually a spy from the moon guys, she’s hypnotized or something and doesn’t realize it herself.
Luin really used to be friends with Bellri to take advantage of him, being the son of someone important. And the way he acts as Mask is actually his real personality.

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Cross Ange

laughing normas cross ange

The show I’m enjoying the most this season with G Reco and Sega Girls.

cross ange there can't be two twintails in one show

I’m not a Mizuki7fag so I wasn’t planning to watch this. The mechas looked cool but the super tryhard sexual fanservice turned me off. I still watched episode 1 to check and was pretty disappointed at how dark the show tried to be. Then the jikai started playing with Ange making fun of the show and that was pretty funny. Same with episode 2. Then episode 3 with the looney tunes like antics was hilarious. From episode 3 onwards I started to really like the show. Every episode since then has been hilarious and really interesting. I’m 100% sure the show is tongue-in-cheek.

cross ange 7 endcard salia

Behind the hilarious comedy and the abundant fanservice, there’s actually a really good story and really good characters. Episodes 6 and 7 were great, and now episode 8 was really awesome. From how the show has been turning out, I knew the beach episode thing was a disguise and that episode 8 would have actual story developments, but I didn’t think it’d be this much.

cross ange 8 pero pero kun

Really looking forward to what will happen in the late half of the show, with the normas’s upcoming insurrection and some Paramail vs Paramail fights. I’m also really looking forard to the latest developments and what could happen in episode 9.

cross ange 8 ersha cross ange lolipop 01

I’m liking everyone and I’m surprised myself I already know the character’s names. I guess my favorites are those two, Ersha and Vivian. And Salia. And Jill. And Momoka, that letter of apology she did in episode 7 was one of the funniest things I saw in a while. And the dog too. The dog is really cool. I can’t wait for him to pilot a paramail when they put their “libertas” into action. Seeing how fun and uncaring the show has been I’m sure they’ll do it. He’s not wearing goggles for nothing.

cross ange 8 ange being boss

Now for some random guesses:

Salia and Jill are sisters
Salia or Hilda gonna die. One of them will die for sure. At least I’m 100% sure Salia will die at the end.
Rival girl fighting Ange in the OP is a dragon and she’s the princess of dragons. She’s gonna kill Tusk so Ange will want to kill her. Tusk is also a dragon.
Mana is made out of dragons
In the end they’ll say dragons aren’t invading their world on purpose and get dragged in or something, if they don’t do something soon both the normal world and dragon world will merge and gonna get destroyed
Dragon princess and Ange will find an understanding and get along and save everyone at the end

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HisCoool! SeHa Girls

More like “Sega’s great games that are all dead and that will never get sequels”. It was great suddenly seeing Sakura Taisen but it kinda hurts.  They seem to show emblematic games, I wonder if they’ll dare to show stuff like Shenmue. It’ll hurt a lot too if they bring up stuff like Eternal Arcadia.
Anyway I’m glad I don’t judge things by the covers and didn’t think it’d be boring moe crap cash grab. It’s really really enjoyable. It’s the show I’m enjoying the most this season along with 1/ G Reco and 2/Cross Ange. They’re all really great. I’m still at episode 4 though.


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Moretsu Pirates movie event announced

moreso pirates bandai channel pv bad screenshot

There’s going to be a Moretsu Pirates event the 14th, two days after the movie’s release on dvd/bd. I really hope they announce a second season. I really hope Madan no Ou is only one cour so the people at Satelight and Sato Tatsuo get on a second season of Mopai.

I love the show and kinda wanna buy the movie’s bd but it’s still 63€ with shipping included. I’d rather use those 63€ on Z3.2. Plus I already bought the Pretty Rhythm movie bd this year. I’ll go the filthy pirate scum way and hope someone rips it fast along with all the bonuses like the drama CD. If they release the show on bd in France in acceptable quality I’ll buy it maybe.

tsutaya moreso bd movie preorder marika uniformtoranoana moreso bd movie preorder marika underwear tapestryanimate moreso bd movie preorder marika chiaki gruiergamers moreso bd movie preorder marika chiaki cosplaysofmap moreso bd movie preorder marika chiaki mousepad amazon moreso bd movie preorder chiaki swimsuit jacket card

On the show’s twitter they’ve also been advertising the various bonuses you get depending on which shop you preorder the movie from. Posters, mousepad, tapestry, postcard etc. There’s at least 6 different things in total, from Animate, Sofmap, Toranoana, Amazon, Tsutaya, Gamers…

moreso marika craft fleet collaboration

They’re also doing a collab with a phone game called Tenkuu no Craft Fleet, which looks kinda boring. tfw Eternal Arcadia 2 never.
Some otakus are actually gonna buy the dvd/bd 6 times to get them all. Sometimes I wonder how come the whole anime industry in japan still haven’t crumbled and how companies are still going in that direction regardless. It’s been a while since I learned about otakus overbuying goods though so I’m not surprised anymore. Plus things aren’t that grim, and not every company just worships money forever regardless of the consequences though, since these days we’re getting shows like Space Dandy who know they need  to go USA and others markets because Japan cash cows are getting dry.

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PriPara – 18

prad5 18 leona full

カミーユわ男の名前だ! 俺わ男だ!!! Continue reading

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PriPara – 15&16&17

which shion would you shion

Which Shion would you Shion
Contrary to what I implied in my previous post I ended up watching PriPara before G Reco

Continue reading

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