Gundam G no Reconguista – 13

g reco 13

Man that episode was so awesome like always. Rivals teaming up is one of my favorite things ever. Was really looking forward to Mask x KURIMU NIKKU interactions and I was not disappointed. Anyway, in that scene, Mask’s actually saying “月の裏側“, meaning the reverse side of the moon, not beyond it. Towasanga is ON the moon. It’s the first time I spotted a big error like that in the subs, maybe there’s been others. Now that I think about it, maybe some people still find the show confusing because of some errors like that in the subs. (it’s completely normal for it to be confusing in the first three episodes or so)

g reco by prad director

Also, Pretty Rhythm director Hishida Masakazu did the storyboard/絵コンテ of this episode along with 斧谷 稔. Japanese wikipedia tells me this 斧谷 稔 is actually Tomino. So they drew the storyboard together. Not sure how they divided it between them. Pretty Rhythm director was also the 演出/episode director for 13.
(Just edited that.I put “演出=production” at first which is wrong. Probably did that because I read it somewhere not too long ago. Noticed my mistake thanks to watching SHIROBAKO.)

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Karen Senki

karen senki 01

That show was bad. But I liked it. I think the worst thing about it is how the first three episodes or so feel like a bayformers movie. I’ve never seen one but I bet that’s how they feel. There’s action scenes just for the sake of having actions scenes. The CG being pretty mediocre doesn’t help, though that stopped being a problem after 3 episodes, my eyes got used to it I guess.  By the end I even thought some scenes were cool. However, the biggest reason why the show is bad(unless you’re a massive CG hater), is the way the story is told. This show got the worst exposition I’ve seen in a while. They always manage to show events in the least understandable way possible. It’s an incredible feat.

I liked the show because while the story is told in a horrible way, I liked the story itself. The show doesn’t take itself seriously too, and has some pretty funny silly scenes like the sebastian thing. There’s some other good points too like the great chara design. I don’t regret spending 120 minutes watching it. What Ohji Hiroi says in his interviews (part 1 and part2) don’t justify the poor storytelling but there’s some things that does make sense. Like how it feels more like how a game would tell a story rather an an anime. Judging from the interviews there’s a s2 so I’m looking forward to where the story can go and if they’ll have more hilarious silly plot twists.

karen senki 02

Also Takano Urara has a funny voice. Right now she’s Gloria in PriPara too.
Also Karen is voiced by Hara Sayuri, Rizumu. Her voice too is funny, it would be cool if she got more roles.

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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book: Kato Emiri Naru interview

prad3 38 naru savouring her food gif

Not gonna translate the entire book. Not gonna scan the entire book either.
This book was released when Rainbow Live was still airing, 21st December 2013, the day episode 39 aired.

Q: Naru is an unusual type of main character, how did you feel about voicing her?

When I took the audition, I thought she’s a girl that stand out because of her airheadness. After hearing more, I understood she’s a girl that leads to happiness. The difficulty is how to express that happiness. Even when bad things happen, Naru tries her best to make the people around her happy using her own happiness, so I was anxious about if I will be able to make the others seiyuus around me feel like how Naru would make them feel.

Q:The happy naru phrase was something there from the start ?

Yes. But it didn’t have any specifications set in stone. They told me “please say it the way you see fit”. When I asked them “What does happy naru means?” They said “It’s a catchphrase, so it would be good if it leaves an impression”. They’re the words that come out naturally when Naru feels happy, so they have to not feel weird and fit in with the lines said before and after. I also had to say it while thinking it. The sensation of believing the words you’re acting genuinely come from your consciousness. Doing this made me close to Naru I think. I’m actually the type of person that live by “nantoka na~ru” just like Naru. I live trying to be positive. I do feel depressed when bad things happen but at those times I try to get back on my feet as much as possible, and try my best to remain positive. My friends as well often tell me I get back up on my feet amazingly fast, so much that they want me to teach them how I do it. Learning from Naru, I’ve also been trying to be even more positive, both with work and private matters.

Q:Did you receive any particular instructions in addition to your acting ?

Most of the time I was told my acting alone is fine. But for gag scenes there were indications on the script telling me to go “fugya!” and I was told to do it exactly like that. For crying scenes too it was written to not do a normal crying sound but a “fueeen” like crying sound. There were a lot of times when I was asked to do momentarily reactions like these exactly as it said on the script.

Q:Speaking of crying scenes…

You mean the scene where she gets rejected by Kouji kun right. I had to redo the “fueen” crying of that scene countless times. I’d cry normally instead of the “fueen” sound Naru does. Also, conveying how “She doesn’t know why she’s crying, so it’s different from how she’d cry normally” was the most difficult part. I had to draw from within myself the sensation of being rejected, while not being fully aware of your own feelings.

Q :It was a very painful scene to watch.

Naru chan didn’t have the self awareness of getting rejected then. Even now. The fact that she could speak normally with Kouji kun and Ito chan right after was impressive. Kouji kun isn’t the type of boy to show his emotions. Was he interested in Naru chan? Is he interested in Ito chan? Areee? Suddenly Ito Chan? I was surprised by the sudden developpment. Certainly he wasn’t thinking of Naru in a romantic way, but more like a little sister, wanting to save her, do something for her… Kouji kun also has a timid side to him, so he needs someone strong to push him.

Q:How do you think the romance element will go from now on?

I don’t want Naru chan to get hurt, so I think it’d be best she doesn’t get involved in love for a bit. Couples are appearing one after another, but I think Naru chan and Otoha chan aren’t suited for love struggles like that. I’d like it if they lived their lives peacefully until they naturally find someone.

Q:Is there any line of dialogue or scene that left you a big impression?

The scene where Kouji sings to save Naru. How Naru trying her best to do her Prism Live feels the taste of failure for the first time. She’s usually so happy, but couldn’t bear it anymore, and started crying. It was the first time in the show she brought forth that sort of negative emotion. It was very surprising to see her like that compared to her usual self, I was wondering if she could overcome it. She couldn’t and started crying, that sort of thing is very girly and cute, but I wanted to comfort and help her.

Q:After that point in the show Naru definitely started growing. Is that change reflected n your acting?

The way I say the jumps’ names during Prism Live changes a bit. The most noticeable thing are the songs though. Naru’s my song was made before her development, but Happy Rain’s was made after and reflects how she settled her feelings, and tries to have fun with Prism Lives and make everyone enjoy it. The duo song too, as Naru evolved even more then. Being able to do a show with the person she admires Bell sama, I thought it surely must have been fun for Naru but also a challenge.

Q:Besides your own, which one is your favorite character ?

I think everyone likes Hiro sama. His lines are always super funny, and his gestures always makes you go “Why is he doing this?” lol. For example how he always bite his glasses, or how he was spying on Kouji during the Ito x Kouji kiss scene. Or his Prism Show with how he was on a bed and his ‘good morning” and “I belong to everyone” lines. That one was definitely the most intense. In a lot of ways, I went “Hiro sama kyaaaaaaa” lol. As for the girls, it’s difficult to choose, Wakana is fine, but I like Otoha the most. I think she’s girly, loves everyone in Bell Rose, and she’s genuinely thoughtful of the people around her. It feels like she can heal you with her overflowing love. She’s nice, but will scold you if there’s the need to. I really like her. After that, I’m interested if Hiro sama and Bell sama will end up together or not. Hiro sama likes Kouji but he likes Bell too, which will he pick. Bell also shows signs of caring about HIro, and gets worried about him, will they end up together, or will it stay like this.
(Her tastes sucks, I like Otoha but clearly Wakana >Otoha)

Q:How do you think the story will go from now on?

Right now Rinne’s chan emotions are coming back bit by bit, how she will have to return to the prism world is what piques my interest. When Rinne chan goes back to the Prism World, what will happen to the Pair Tomos? Naru and the others won’t be able to do Prism Lives anymore lol. Just like Hijiri san, I’m thinking a lot about the future of the Prism Show scene lol.

Q: A word to the readers to wrap things up ?

Contrary to the expectations you can have of a show aimed at children, there’s a lot of details adults can greatly enjoy too. Like dealing with frustration, discouragement, relationships between fiends, gloomy family environments… each character’s drama is expended upon, yet there’s not a character overshadowed by another, I think this is one of the nice things about this series. (implying Beru sama doesn’t overshadow everyone else)
I don’t know myself either how things will go from now on, so I look forward to discovering it together with everyone.

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Nanana’s buried treasure

nanana ed

I really liked this show. It was really good for a one cour show. It wasn’t perfect like Level E, but it still in the upper bracket of one cour shows. Seeing Sugita bro voice a villain was nice too.
It made me mad again about one cour series though. The rest of the story seems so interesting, and yet’ll we’ll never get to see it animated. The “go read the novel” spoiler ending made me particularly butthurt.

prad 25 pajama party aira mion rizumu animalsnanana tensai asumi kana maybe prad cat pajama reference

Tensai is voiced by Asumi Kana, which is also Aira in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. A cool japanese Pretty Rhythm fan on twitter noticed how Tensai in episode 8 wore a similar, but different cat pajama as Aira in episode 25 of AD. I don’t know if they did it on purpose or not. The suits aren’t the same so probably not.
Also tfw when there’s now seiyuus younger than me. Nanana’s seiyuu is 17. She was also Cecil in Wizard Barristers, which I liked and wasn’t bad, except the penultimate episode with literally no animation.

nanana pso2 lvl 65 sh

There was also a lot of footage of Nanana playing PSO2. In one episode, you can see her fighting Dark Falz Luther, which they had just added in the game back then. It was funny seeing her say “this boss is hard”, as most players were having a real hard time with him. It shows the staff were really playing the game and not putting random footage.

pso2 エアリーサマードレス kinda look like nanana dressnanana dress

Maybe to thank them for the free publicity, later Sega added a dress in PSO2 that kinda looks like Nanana’s dress. I’m probably just thinking too much about it though.

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PriPara – 19-23

prad5 2278


PriPara has yet to grasp it’s pride and success. I’m watching episodes in batch so at least one episode out of them will be interesting. Though I didn’t watch them all in succession. It’s actually been around ten days since I watched and wrote about episode 19-20. (I couldn’t watch the rest and post cuz I had no internet on this PC). I usually do that with 50eps shows at the beginning but stop once things gets interesting. In PriPara I still haven’t hit that point.
(Also, I don’t wanna repeat the same things over and over. For example, it’s not because I don’t say there’s no rating system or plot that I’m okay with it now.)

Continue reading

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World Premiere - Zelda - YouTube [720p].mp4_snapshot_01.47_[2014.12.06_11.44.47]

Yesterday I was wondering why the CIA and etc controlling USA from the shadows, after seeing the protests in Ferguson, didn’t just decide to forge evidence and pay judges so the chokehold cop goes to jail, to use him as a scapegoat, instead of adding fuel to the fire. Maybe they’re so racist they thought we were too stupid to protest. Or maybe they’re too busy working on their time machine so they can play zelda Wii U before everyone.

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SRW Z3.2 live announcement next friday

srw z3 2 soon

Yes Aniki my body is ready
Oh yeah and if you’re interested I should post about PriPara 19-22 soon.

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