Hollande’s declining popularity and stuff

ganbare goemon sasuke yae artist 傀儡。 post


As you may have heard/read, starting from the end of August to the middle of September there’s been various events dealing huge blows to Hollande and the currently ruling left party. The biggest thing was Hollande’s previous concubine publishing a book saying all kinds of bad things about him.
Tons of people bought the book and every media and (right wing) politicians made a huge deal out of it. While it’s true it made Hollande’s popularity decline yet again, it’s not like every person in France is stupid and stopped supporting Hollande because of that book. There’s tons of other better reasons since his election explaining Hollande’s declining popularity. Here’s the things I can think of right now:

France’s educational system is still as horrible as ever
While the persons at fault are previous president Sarkozy and his mafia like government, one could blame Hollande as we’re already at half of his presidency and he pretty much didn’t do anything to fix things.  Class restarted for kids this September, and he added a new law making classes in Wednesday mornings mandatory. Something pretty useless. They need to change the way education is as a whole instead of adding hours.

France’s kinda denial of responsibility in the Rwanda genocide
2014 was the 20th sad anniversary of the genocide, and France/Hollande decided to not participate in the commemorations. France admit they had some part of responsibility in the genocide, but they refuse to say they were direct accomplices. They try to nuance it. Basically what you see in Shooting Dogs for them is not being directly responsible. Speaking of which, watch Shooting Dogs if you haven’t yet. Anyway, France didn’t send officials to attend the commemorations because current Rwanda president Paul Kagame accused France of supporting the genocide behind the scenes, like delaying their soldiers deployment for rescue missions so that more people gets killed.
Kagame is a more or less a corrupted bastard as well, just like most of the leaders/dictators in Africa, so one could say you shouldn’t believe everything he says.  The funny thing is, it’s France and other Europeans countries who made Africa that way in the first place. It’s true Africans themselves aren’t doing much to help themselves, but you shouldn’t forget France’s history and direct actions which lead to this. They’re still doing it too. Libya being in COSMIC chaos right now is a direct consequence of France/Sarkozy backstabbing Gaddafi. There was the Arab Springs anyway so bloody stuff would have happened in the country for sure, but if Sarkozy didn’t decide to do that I bet it wouldn’t have been as bad as now. Needless to say, I’m not saying Libya under Gaddaffi was a cool place, I’m just saying France is the greater evil there. That’s not concerning Hollande directly though. I think I just wanted to talk about most of the things in this post regardless of Hollande anyway.

France/Hollande’s failure in Central African Republic (CAR).
Hollande decided to send troops in CAR at the end of 2013 to stop the genocide of muslims by “christians”. They managed to rescue a lot of people and helped in evacuations, some French soldiers actually died doing it too. However, there’s been multiple reports of NGOs like Human Rights Watch saying that they saw Muslims being lynched to death in the streets, with French soldiers not too far away and not doing anything. Some even say it’s a miniature repeat of what France did in Rwanda. For what reason did Hollande send troops there if it was to end things like that, I do not know.

castle in the sky laputa muska

Hollande nominating a schizophrenic, communitarian prime minister: Manuel Valls
(In the Japanese side of twitter apparently someone said Valls looks like Muska and it became ultra poplar.  Plus they realized Valls =バルス so things got crazy)
After the defeat of the left party at the mayor elections at the end of March, Hollande decided to fire his prime minister and replaced him with Manuel Valls, which used to be minister of home affairs. To sum up Valls, he’s pretty much a right wing politician. I still don’t get how he ended up in the left party. In any case, I love to call him schizophrenic because his actions from back when he was minister of home affairs contradicts good things he’s now doing as prime minister.
For example, he used to profusely discriminate and participate in the stigmatization of Roms’s people in France. He evicted a lot of Roms from their (illegal) encampments in various big cities, sometimes brutally. He also evicted a lot from the country. Hollande too once said he supports Valls in his “firmness” against Roms. The thing is, a few weeks after he was nominated prime minister, a young Rom boy was brutally beaten up by a mob. These kinds of events are the direct consequences of Valls’s days as minister of home affairs. But now that he’s prime minister, Valls ferociously condemned the act. I guess I can’t blame him for trying to do his job as prime minister. It’s still hilarious though how he switched from trying to find a scapegoat for France’s problems in Roms or Muslims to this. Then again, this was also present in Sarkozy’s reign, and France as a whole has been discriminating against Muslims for a while now, under the guise of “Laïcité”.

Communitarian, because during his home affairs days, Valls in various occasions acted in favoritism of the Jewish community in France, and in particular, a single minority.
inb4 random JIDL guy just passing by like Decade and posting a comment saying I’m antisemitic.
That minority includes people like Joël Mergui, the current president of the Jewish consistory in Paris. The funniest thing that guy did is how one day he told Valls that he “fears that the French Jewish community will be an indirect victim of currently rapidly growing new fears in the country.” The new fears being of course islamophobia, as Islam and Judaism got a lot in common like ritual slaughter. He was basically telling Valls that he shouldn’t up the islamophobia too much or it could backfire on Jews as well. He’s deploring this, not the fact that that there’s islamophobia in the first place. It’s really sad there’s this type of minority in the French Jewish community, not realizing that all the favors they get from the government actually fuels antisemitism, as they always fail to hide their deals and everyone sees them. Then there’s the whole “antisemitism” thing in France which I already wrote about that in another post.
Anyway, the biggest thing showing Vall’s favoritism to this minority was how he personally went to great lengths to prohibit shows of an “humorist” called Dieudonné.  No one ever gave a cent when he mocked Muslims, black people(he’s black himself) or any other ethnicity, but when he started mocking Jews, Valls and that minority I wrote about above quickly got in action. Anyway, Dieudonné’s a stupid idiot and Valls gave him way more publicity that he deserved.

After these reasons, I guess you have the usual things France has been doing since forever and that you can’t really blame Hollande for. Like selling weapons, supporting companies like Total or Areva crapping up African countries and supporting the dictators there, etc. Nothing new and nothing that could make me dissatisfied with Hollande in particular.
There’s tons of other reasons but I think I’ll stop now.

tldr if you’re a thoughtful French citizen, instead of a stupid book that topped Amazon preorders, there’s tons of reasons to feel dissatisfaction over Hollande’s presidency and/or France as a whole.

(I’d make a pretty bad journalist as I don’t usually link any articles as proof to my claims. I don’t like justifying myself when I know something I say is the truth anyway.)

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PriPara – 11

noir best mireille

The best Mireille.

I have Noir on my mind as Nolife started airing the show today. If I had to describe quickly the channel I’d say it’s one of the very few things that makes me proud of being French. I’m not sure if I ever brought up Nolife on my blog, so here’s the engilsh wikipedia page of the channel. The channel exists for seven years now and that page is outdated, but it does the job at explaining what it is. I watched City Hunter as a kid and then tons of times in the course of my life, the latest time being when some of the show aired on Nolife in 2008.  So I always liked anime with guns. I’m not into guns themselves though. I’ve seen some of Noir when it aired in 2001. “I’ve seen some” because back then was the start of what I call my elitism period. I used to judge stuff by the cover and call a loooot of shows crap. Including things I saw recently then like Cowboy Beebop or Escaflowne. I did like them a bit but though it was crap. Basically my sense of rating was messed up. Think of a show of the current season that you’re watching, but doesn’t think it’s anything great, just barely mediocre. That’s how I used to think about them. That’s the brain of a twelve years old for you. Anyway, back then I didn’t watch Noir properly. I’d skip episodes etc. My bros watched it but I didn’t.  I only did when it first aired in France in 2004. Because of that too, I actually never watched all the episodes of Madlax and El Cazador de La Bruja properly. Anyway you should watch Noir. And maybe I should watch those two properly.

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PriPara – 07 & 08 & 09 & 10

prad5 heartbeat sohpie by kii_ponpon twitter

By きい-ponpon

Someone pointed out some time ago that my late Rainbow Live posts are way better compared to the first ones. I didn’t really get better, it’s the show. There was tons of interesting things to say about Rainbow Live in the second half, compared to the first. I hope it’ll be the same for PriPara too, because not much happened in these episodes so I don’t really have many interesting things to say in this post.

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Pretty Rhythm news 08/09/2014 edition

prad3 yowamushi pedal jin hijiri artist odeco posted

By Odeco/Matsuura Mai. She’s a fan of Yowamushi Pedal.

(Like always all pics are from the official twitters etc. In case you don’t have them, wanna check yourself or if I suddenly die and you wanna pick up publishing Pretty Rhythm news in English: Director’s Twitter, official goods twitter, CG Director Twitter, Matsuura Mai twitter, Yamahara Kazuhiro’s twitter (I think)
Protip: you can just check the director’s twitter as he retweets any important announcement from the others)

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Blurays announced

It was announced on September 6th. It’s two BD boxes, 30 000 Yen each(around 220€). First one will be released on December 12th, with episodes 1-26 on 4 discs. Second one will be released on March 13th 2015 with episodes 27-51 on another 4 discs.
I really like the blurays’ description on online shops:
“Naritai jibun ni Prism Jump!! Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, after three years, is finally on bluray!! With this you can now enjoy Aira and everyone’s story in high quality as many times as you want!! It’s an anime for little girls but it even makes adults cry!! The story will remain deeply in your heart!! You can learn about the important things in life with Pretty Rhythm!!
It’ll also have the Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Laugh Theater/Specials from the DVDs. Those are super hilarious and you should totally watch them if you haven’t yet. They’re funnier than every other ~3minute comedy anime ever since 3min anime became something common. Maybe except for Senyuu. Too bad they didn’t do ones for DMF and RL.
The BDs will also have audio commentaries of the staff and seiyuus on each episode. Also seems If you preorder the 1st box you can get a free ticket for the second christmas event(see below), along with different covers for the 3 smaller boxes containing each BD. Doesn’t seem like it has any bonuses in particular besides that.
They’ll reveal the boxart later. It’ll probably be new illustrations. Looking forward to them.

I was right about how they’d announce BDs soon. They’ll probably announce DMF BDs sometimes later too, in the same 2 boxes format. I’m not planning to buy them because I’m not rich and crazy. If someone ever rips them it would be cool if they include the audio commentaries. However, with everything they already said on Twitter, at the various events and in the three books, I don’t really think they have anything new left to say; Most of those audio commentaries will probably be just jokes and everyone reacting to the scenes. I’d still love to hear them anyway.

prad3 otr poster promoting album release event

They did a small event the 7th of September for the release of the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Prism Boys Collection

Album got released the 3rd of September. Rapidly checked on Oricon and it seems to be selling well. It was on 23rd place the day of it’s release but then went up to 7th place the 4th of September, before falling the next day. Weekly ranking isn’t out yet.

prad3 otr ad at tower record machida

Ad at Machida’s Tower Record.

prad3 otr poster from odeco twitter

Apparently some of the people who preordered it won a signed version with this poster. It was a lottery.

prad3 otr album release event seiyuu

Maeno Tomoaki (Hiro), Kakihara Tetsuya (Kouji), and  Masuda Toshiki (Kazuki) at the event.

prad3 otr flower bouquest from fans from prrr_music twitter prad3 bag from fans to director

That’s a bouquet offered to the staff by fans. Director also received this bag on the right. They put the bouquet at the entrance of Tatsunoko studio.

prad3 ito kouji fanbag

Some fan present at the event’s homemade bag.

prad3 jin and hiro tshirt by odeco

Matsuura Mai(I almost wrote Matsuura Aya) selfmade a Jin and a Hiro tshirt. She gave the Jin one to the director,  and gave the Hiro one to Yamahara Kazuhiro for his birthday. She hand painted them, so if they wash them it’ll wash away. They’re one of a kind in the world masterpiece so they said they won’t wear them.

prad3 ito kouji postcard by いおこ

Ito x Kouji postcard by ioko offered to the director. ioko is a huge fan of Rainbow Live and has been drawing tons of Ito x Kouji. You can find it here. There’s also some on his/her twitter but it’s locked so you’ll have to follow it.

prad3 otr hiro kouji kazuki poster from otomedia october 2014

UUUWOOOOOOH MY BODY WAS NOT READY FOR THIS. Just how gay OTR can get. It’s like the Prism Jumps. Right when you think they can’t outdo themselves, they still manage to do something even more amazing.
That poster will be included in this month’s Otomedia magazine, gets released the 10th of September. It’ll also have yet another interview of OTR. That’s like the fourth one now, not counting the guidebooks. They’re milking them so much. My theory that they decided to milk a boys band for RL because the female groups from AD and DMF didn’t sell seems more and more probable. Also they keep calling the album “OTR’s debut album” so there’s probably more to come. I really want a OTR special OVA with all three of them hanging together.
Also CG Director joked saying that their clothes was supposed to be in CG at first. I guess cuz it’s so fabulous you can’t hand draw it simply.

prad3 merchandise cds all covers and limited from hare_szk twitter

A dedicated(and really rich) fan on twitter posted his collection of all the Rainbow Live CDs along with their normal and special/limited/preorder covers.

New info about the PriPara christmas event

It’ll be the 13th of December at the Makuhari Messe international exhibition hall. They’re actually doing two events, lasting all day:

prad5 PriPara Fest in Christmas event logo

The PriPara Fest in Christmas which will be from 11am to 4pm at hall number 4. It’s something for little girls to enjoy, with a makeup corner, a costume rental corner, a karaoke corner, a goodies corner and a photo shoot corner. Basically a event for your cute little girl to become an idol the time of a day. It’ll also have an i☆Ris and Prizmmy live. Tickets need to be bought in advance. Pricing is 800 yen for children and 1800 yen for adults. So if parents and their two children go, it’ll be a total of 5200 yen, around 38€. I guess it’s not too pricey. Children also get to get a limited Purichike. Not that all of this matters since it’s not like the majority of the people reading this, myself included, can actually attend. If you’re reading my blog for a while you should know I like mentioning stuff like that anyway.

prad PriPara & Pretty Rhythm Christmas Party event logo

The second event is the PriPara & Pretty Rhythm Christmas Party, from 6pm to 7pm, in hall 5. Notice how the name went from PriPara chirstmas event to PriPara & Pretty Rhythm chirstmas event, so I’m getting even more hyped now about possible Pretty Rhythm OVA with PriPara CG or that the PriPara movie will be an actual crossover, or at least Saints focused. Tickets are 7800 yen each, around 60€. Just wow. Sasuga Avex san. Everyone attending gets a special Purichike(not just kids).
Along with Pretty Rhythm and PriPara staff, Seiyuus and singers people confirmed present so far are i☆Ris and Prizmmy☆ members, Hara Sayuri(Rizumu), Enoki Azusa (Mion), Yonezawa Madoka (Serena/Jae Eun), Akesaka Satomi (Kanon/Chae Kyoung), Ookubo Rumi(Mia) Katou Emiri(Naru), Uchida Maaya(Wakana), Shishido Rumi(Juné) and Itou Kanae (SonaKanaHyeNee). i☆Ris and Prizmmy☆ will do lives and the seiyuus and staff will do a talk show. The event is only one hour so the talk show will probably be short.
Enoki Azusa posted on her blog saying she’s looking forward to the event.

This sounds like so much 100%fun guaranteed. I wanna go so much. I really hope some guys on 2ch write a report about it like with the 1st xmas event.


Seems Matsuura Mai is also a fan of Kinnikuman. I need to watch that someday.

prad3 prad5 naru laala from shimazey twitter school festival prad cafe

A fan on twitter is doing a Pretty Rhythm cafe with her/his class for her/his school festival the 20th and 21st of September.

prad3 artist odeco hiro kouji hiro x kouji alternate versionprad3 artist odeco hiro kouji hiro x koujiprad3 artist odeco kazuki headphones prad3 artist odeco jin kid prad3 artist odeco hijiri ending prad3 artist odeco jin back prad3 artist odeco dat wakana ann naru failing at homework

Lastly, Pretty Rhythm pics Matsuura Mai drew since the last time I did a post.

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Man I think I haven’t been this excited since when 2 got out. Feels so weird that Masoukishin is actually over now. Didn’t think I’d get to see it ending in my lifetime really. No sequel for like 15 years and then 3 games in three years.  I didn’t play LOE snes version when I was a kid but I always liked Cybuster since it looked so cool in SRW4. Was around the time I saw Escaflowne too. Dat knight design, dat bird transformation. Dat Akashic Buster. It’s been one of my favorite mechas ever since. I played the DS remake some years ago but actually haven’t touched 2&3 yet. What I’m the most interested in is the story so I want to get a bit more better at Japanese first. Serves as both motivation and practice.

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Pretty Rhythm news 27/08/2014 edition

Samples of the Boys Collection

They decided to do a Hiro x Kouji Pride CG prism show sequence for the DVD because the CG director said it’s a waste they made the Kouji CG model and only used it once in the anime. I’m looking forward to it.

prad3 otr cd special cover kouji

Kouji special cover they now revealed.

prad ookubo rumi talk show pretty rhythm visual book release commemoration

The 15th of September there’s going to be a talk show with Ookubo Rumi(Mia’s seiyuu) and some staff(probably director san and others) in Tokyo, to commemorate the release of the visual book(28th of August). apparently it’s limited to 100 people. If I find a summary of the event then I’ll try posting about it.

I like Ookubo Rumi her voice is so funny. Mia , Mori in Chokkyuu Hyoudai Robot Anime: Straight Title, and Nobunaga in Sengoku Collection are all so much fun.

Something PriPara related, putting it here since I haven’t posted about the new eps yet and it’s not something major anyway: Tetsuya Komuro will compose the third ED of PriPara.
(If anyone cares, I haven’t posted about PriPara 7&8 yet since I haven’t watched them yet. Can’t blog something you haven’t watched. And as of why, well the show is funny, but not really interesting. It’s just cute girls doing cute stuff with literally no overarching story, so I don’t really have any drive to watch the next episode to see what happens next, since nothing happens. It’s not like I’ll stop blogging it though. Right now it’s just not high in my priority list. Gonna sort my bookmarks and clean my room first. Maybe I’ll post about them before episode 9 airs.)

prad mia dj cool puriken by pagrin88 twitter

By this person

I wish they’d put Pretty Rhythm in SRW but this would be cool too.

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Pretty Rhythm news&twitter 21/08/2014 edition

artist irua prad2 mia hye in kiss


Pretty Rhythm related news and random background info stuff the director tweeted since the last time I made a post like that in April. If you don’t wanna spoil yourself the best twists in Dear My Future, I recommend not reading the DMF part.

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