Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 42

prad3 42 001

Been a while since I saw so many people crying in one episode.

prad3 42 00

“Rinne went to see Juné because I suck at Prism Shows”. That wasn’t supposed to be funny but couldn’t help and smirk a bit.

prad3 42 02

So if you get too depressed you loose your heart’s radiance and you can’t do Prism Shows anymore huh. Around the start of the 3rd cour, when it was getting obvious that Rinne would leave Naru I thought they’d use this to make Naru go to the dark side for a part of the last cour. I didn’t think it would have much value plot wise but it would still have been fun. In the end we’re finally there and it didn’t happen. Naru just cried and got better.
Rinne is doing all this because she’s testing Naru for something.

prad3 42 05

ケリー井上! with EXCLAMATIONS aka the Saint Seiya girls are back.

prad3 42 04 prad3 42 03

They did such a great job with the face expressions and close ups in this episode.

prad3 42 06

Hiro called Kazuki a blockhead turtle. Kazuki is starting to get what Hiro means though, asking him if he wants help. Also, Kazuki passed the auditions to enroll in Edel Rose and got accepted a long time ago, possibly to go there with Kouji, but never ended up joining. Maybe Hiro told him about it because he’s happy he didn’t join, else he would be controlled by Jin just like himself. Anyway I really like the parallels there between Hiro trying to make Kouji and Kazuki understand his message, and Rinne trying to make Naru understand her message, without them saying it outright. You may think it’s weird that Hiro managed to explain so well to Naru that Rinne expects something from her, considering he doesn’t even know Rinne well or her personality. He could explain what Rinne is thinking because he’s doing the exact same thing she’s doing to Naru with Kazuki and Kouji.
Also, Kazuki said CHO MATTE YO again.

prad3 42 07

And then there was the parallel between how Naru managed to help and cheer up Bell when she was in ultimate despair in episode 25 while Bell can’t do anything for her right now besides crying with her. It’s little things like these that shows that the staff remember what they did, and makes you feel that all these episodes weren’t in vain. That’s a strength of 50~ episodes long series that can be very powerful if used well, just like here.

prad3 42 08 prad3 42 09

I’m surprised Natchan is still that opposed to Kouji x Ito. Especially after everything Gen told her, like how Kouji and Ito are still young and they could fight and break up for something stupid at any time. That was something I didn’t expect the show to point out.  I guess Natsuko definitely won’t change her mind until the episode where Kouji does a Prism Show. Her problems are much more complicated than I expected and things doesn’t seem so simple anymore though, so I’m really looking forward to what Kouji will do besides the Prism Show. I guess bring Tsuru (Ito’s mom) to talk to her.

prad3 42 12prad3 42 naru sitting fullprad3 42 14 prad3 42 15

Naru finally realized that Hiro is actually a nice person, besides all the bitch moves he did.  She didn’t think much of him since the time he said he wrote Kouji’s song and when he got his pride destroyed by Kazuki. Or more like she just didn’t think much about him. They didn’t interact that much since the 2nd half started.

prad3 42 13 prad3 42 16 prad3 42 17

Ever since she learned to notice people who are there for her and like her, Bell keeps saying I love you to everyone. Kinda like Oto keeps telling everything she thinks now.

prad3 42 18


prad3 42 19

The song doesn’t feel like a song that would use them, but they still included guitar and violin in Little Wing&Beautiful Pride instrumental. They really did plan for all the songs to use the correct instruments to fit in with the Prism Lives.

prad3 42 20prad3 42 21

The fact that Juné asked Rinne if Naru&Bell’s Prism Show is what she wanted to show her seems to go for my theory that they both want to do “something” and there’s some “truth” that the two of them are hiding. Juné either wants to do that “something” herself, or at the very least she doesn’t want to leave the job to Naru and co. Rinne in contrary believes in Naru and co and think they can tell them that “truth” and make them help do that “something” job.

prad3 42 22prad3 op 4 naru dress fabric prad3 42 23

So the pair tomo have 3 evolutions. the basic form, the one with the hair, and then with hair and clothes. This seems to reflect their 7th Coord dresses too. The clothes Lovelyn wears has the same design&pattern as the dress Naru has in the OP. The next time Naru does a show that isn’t a duo and do a Prism Live, her 7th Coord dress will be different again, it’ll be the one you can see in the OP.

prad3 42 jump 01


prad3 42 jump 02prad3 42 jump 03

DAT DOUBLE MUGEN PRISM PHEONIX. Kinda sucks they didn’t both sextuple themselves, would have been even more awesome. Though it’s also nice they didn’t or else, Naru would have had six new outfits from AD and DMF? and I’d have to remember/research which ones they were.

prad3 42 jump 04 prad3 42 jump 044

Notice how when they jump for this jump, their instruments don’t disappear because they use them in the jump.

prad3 42 jump 05 prad3 42 jump 055

Feels like GROWING WINGS ON ALREADY EXISTING PAIRS OF WINGS in your last jump is the new best thing you can do in Pretty Rhythm after jumping to space and breaking dimensions (though they didn’t break dimensions yet in RL, though you could say they’re feathers but whatever).  Their wings changed during their last jump just like all the others. They didn’t get an almost completely different design like Juné and Rinne though. Maybe it’ll happen for even more jumps, as the ones Naru has in the OP still look a bit too different than the one she had there. You can’t get a good look at them in the OP though so maybe they are the same.

prad3 42 01

Loved how they said happy naru together. They’re best friends now. They went such a long way. They both look so cute there.

prad3 42 25prad3 42 26.5 prad3 42 27

Rinne is happy Naru managed to overcome her depart. Juné said that Naru managed to make Lovelyn’s 7th Coord go to it’s ultimate evolution. She doesn’t seem worried though, so I think she can do it too. Actually there’s a pic of Starn with hair in the Guide Book so it’s guaranteed she can go to 2nd stage too. And in episode 32 she didn’t make Starn change to hair version so you could say this wasn’t even her final form? I still think she’s going to do even more jumps next week and beat Naru & Bell. She said “we don’t need Naru anyway anymore because I’m the one who’ll propagate the prism radiance” So yeah she’s definitely not letting whatever job she&Rinne needs to do to Naru, and she won’t ask her cooperation. Gotta admit that as much as I like her (Juné, Rinne and Bell are my favorite female characters in case you didn’t know) she’s pretty arrogant, talking like that. Arrogance is bad.

prad3 42 31 prad3 42 32

Whatever Rinne and Juné needs to do, it’s pretty serious.

prad3 42 33 prad3 42 34

DAT SMILE. The way she suddenly smiled was kinda scary, but also so funny. Like I already said, the staff made an excellent job on the expressions in this episode. The Juné little girls hate on youtube must be at it’s paroxysm right now.

prad3 42 35 prad3 42 36

Rinne looked over Juné as if to ask her something, which she replied with her smile, then Rinne told Naru that she’ll be back, which shocked Juné. I guess what surprised her is that Rinne is still planning to come back. Even if they aren’t supposed to. No matter what they’re gonna do. And at the very least, she’s not planning to go with Juné’s way of doing things.

prad3 42 37

I really like how Bell looks there.

prad3 42 38

Anyway, I hate how it feels like I’m over analyzing things, as I can’t help but be super vague like that when the show itself is super vague about it. This is the last time though, as we’ll finally get our answers next week. Also, if you want some real DEEP analysis which I could have never though about, here is what I read on a Japanese blog:
1/”The fact that Bell and Naru are the strongest duo among the heroines: It’s because they’re the ones with the two most different personalities and backgrounds. Just like what they say during their Starlight Feather Memory jump. This was also the case in Aurora Dream, Serenon was the best duo because of all their differences. This is a theme that is really liked by Director Hishida.”
2/”In this episode, Rinne class changed into the cool hero type while Naru class changed into the heroine waiting for the hero’s return.”
3/”What Hiro said to Bell, that the best thing someone can do to support their partner is to be with them at all time. It’s the exact same thing Penguin sensei said to Nekochi in ep 16 of Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream when he got in an argument with Mion. This is also a theme really liked by the director.”

prad3 42 39

A MAN, RINNE IS A MAN. AND A MAN CAN’T TURN HIS BACK ON HIS DESTINY!! Btw not sure if I ever said it, but the crayon like fade in like (dezaki postcard)  is one of the best things they added in Rainbow Live. They didn’t do it that much in previous season.

prad2 21 mia hye in dezaki postcard

I remember this one from DMF 21

prad3 42 jikai 01 prad3 42 jikai 02

Juné: The heart’s radiance is the prism’s glitter.
Rinne: The body’s wounds are the heart’s pain.
Juné: Why are you doing Prism Shows?
Rinne: For whose sake are you doing Prism Shows?
Juné: Little by little, small events end up creating a world.

DAT SHAADIIIING. Next week is finally the ultimate reveal: The relationship between Juné and Rinne and whatever they’re going to do together, what did Rinne remember seeing Juné’s Prism Show in episode 32,  why did she decide to join her, we’ll finally get to know EVERYTHING. That jikai alone was so DEEP, rewatching it gives me shivers. We’re going deeper than eva, deeper than Dear My Future’s ending, deeper than every show. Juné got the necessary drills to dig deep after all.
Can’t wait to see their show. Maybe they’ll do a Prism Act kind of thing and tell their story while doing their Prism Show? Can’t wait for their song and choreography and jumps too. Are they going to do a double Aurora Rising? We haven’t seen a double/triple one since DMF’s ending. Are they going to do a double Mugen Hug Eternal? This would be the first time we see one since DMF’s ending too. Are they going to do completely new different jumps?

Next episode, EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING. If you’re never been hyped about an episode yet, now is the time to. If Rainbow Live is ever going to get better than Dear My Future, now is the time to. If you’ve got a name similar to a really popular pokémon and can’t like anything, now is the time to.

I always said that whatever is going to happen, I don’t think Juné is gonna make it. She’s gonna disappear or sacrifice herself. Maybe they’ll manage to save her in the end, but as I said back in episode 25, at some point something bad will happen to her so Hijiri can realize that he loves her instead of Prism Shows. Also, episode 43 is titled “The angel’s resolve”. Angel refers to Rinne and possibly Juné. Juné said some time ago that “angels can only live in the light.” Maybe Rinne is really gonna die unless she returns to the Prism World.

Like Jun would say, TIIIIIIIIIME HAAAAS COOOOOOOOOOOOOME. Whatever they reveal next episode, I hope that it’s at least worth all the hype since episode 1, I’ve been waiting for my Juné/Rinne duo/duel since then. I want them to manage to explain all the hints till now. I want to be able to go “aaah so that’s what they meant” when I rewatch the older episodes. I mean, all the hints we had about Juné&Rinne so far are too vague. I remember I said in my episodes 35-37 post that starting episode 38 or so, they’ll give us hints big enough for us to figure out their relationship before they actually reveal it. We’re at episode 42 now and while there was more clues since then, I still have absolutely no idea. The only thing I’m 99% sure of is that Juné is from the Prism World too.
While I can make theories, there isn’t a single one I can be sure of, opposed to how I was 100% sure of what would happen in this episode before watching it, complete with Hiro being the one to cheer up up Naru. Not sure how to explain it. It’s not quite what I mean but I just hope the explanations they will give next week will make sense. There’s never been plotholes in Pretty Rhythm and I don’t think it’ll start now, but I can’t help but worry.

About the upcoming episodes, there’s another thing I must say too. While it’s possible the next episode and the following ones until the ending will surpass Dear My Future’s own last episodes and ending, it won’t change the fact that most of Rainbow Live didn’t manage to surpass it. I mean, even if things fits in perfectly and you realize that there was ton of foreshadowing in the first half, it won’t change the fact that this same first half wasn’t better than DMF’s first half. Saying that it was better than DMF because of what’s going to happen in the upcoming episodes, would be like saying Endless Eight was good and justified because it shows you Nagato’s despair and prepares you for the movie. That’s just a huge case of fanboyism denial and I’m not gonna do that.

IIRC we’ve got one boys prism show per cour. This last cour’s boys prism show will probably be Kazuki x Hiro x Kouji. Episode 44 will be about the aftermath of whatever dimension breaking secrets revealed in episode 43, so I think it’ll either have a Happy Rain/Bell Rose prism show or no prism show at all. Which means boys unit Prism Show will happen either at episode 45 or 46.

One last thing, in the Animate news announcing the 4th season there was also a summary of it. I translated it now:
“The successive heroines, Mia, Naru and Aira, are going to teach the apprentice idol and new heroine. In order to transmit to her the knowledge on how to shine as everyone’s aspiration, they will tell her about famous stories of the past”
I’ll write another post maybe, about what I expect from it and my predictions. I have ideas but I’m not writing them right now and gonna wait a few weeks for more info. I don’t want to bring up things that will only worry myself and others, especially if they don’t turn out true in the end. It’s useless to speculate now on that vague summary.

On Twitter

Director said to please not miss the following episodes because since the last cour started, Iuchi san (series composition) and Tsubota san (series composition assistant) are putting double the effort in their work.

Btw Iuchi Shuji was chief director of Gekito! Crush Gear Turbo and also worked on Wataru, so that could explain the references to Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru and the fact that Kazuki’s Burning Sword Breaker looks a lot like the Shining Sword Breaker of Crush Gear Turbo.  Director worked on Crush Gear Turbo too, and the last season of Wataru.

Director said :There’s a new song next episode. (well that’s obvious)

prad world hobby fair

The World Hobby Fair was last week. That’s one of the Pretty Rhythm ads there. Prizmmy was there too.

prad3 tapestry duo

A tapestry advertising the movie.

prad3 kazuki after ep 42 odeco twitter

Odeco drew this.

Also I found this hilarious yonkoma:

prad3 rinne juné comic

Rinne went to see Juné to partner up. When they were training together her drills kept slapping her so she killed her. It was posted on 2ch, it’s not on Pixiv and it uses only Hiragana so it’s probably fanart. Or maybe from Pretty Rhythm Magazine or Puchigumi magazine. That’s too violent to be official though.

6 thoughts on “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 42

  1. IvaniSamaTVHD

    I felt really good on this episode, because 1: Emiri Kato really went crazy with her acting! NARU ACTUALLY CRIED HER EYEBALLS OUT! Not the hoeeee from episode 26, but this! This is the Naru I was hoping for! This episode got me feels from NARU! Much more then from Bell on episode 25. I have to be honnest.

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      In my case I still liked Bell’s breakdown more. I was about to say it’s because it build up on over more episodes, but Naru too was feeling bad since Rinne left for quite a while, just that it wasn’t the focus of the eps. I guess I just like Bell more.

    2. Name

      Well I’m just guessing it was slightly better considering our main protagonist is always happy, and the one who makes everyone else happy, suddenly have a break down. Usually if you make other people happy with your happy attitude, you make everything else sad with a sad attitude.


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